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You know that thinga ma jig goes into the section with that matted hole?

You know when you have someone talking to you over the phone trying to tell you on how to put something together without any hands on view you are in trouble, because by the time you are thru talking with them you are more confused than ever.

I am somewhat in that position of that person on the phone, not of the one needing the help, but of the one that is giving the answers to the problem!

You see, The one that is on that other end of the phone giving the customer assistance is the one that is in the position of giving help or assistance to a problem or need. We all ask for assistance from time to time, and we always go to someone that has expertise in that area or should.

But what we fail to realize is the person that is giving this expertise help is coming from a different angle than we are? You see they are coming from an angle that has the plan in front of them,the design, the intention of the product, the picture, the step by step creativity of the owner of this product.

This person is in tune with this understanding of what it is all about. We are not.

We are coming from the angle, I want it to work and I want it to work now!

Oh My, know wonder we don’t understand anybody on the phone with service support!

This is where I have made the correlation between this example of a call for help and my attempt to explain to someone what God’s design for us is all about.

It is not about me maybe thinking that I know God’s intention for me, it is that it is my attempt to understand the intention of God’s desire to make me. also known as mankind.

We have missed the first step of God’s design of us and just started from step two of the instructions,some have started on step three!

The first step in God’s plan, was in the Garden of Eden, He created,designed,fully stocked,automated, left nothing to chance for us to live. Yet we failed to see what God was doing or did for us.

He was setting up the original Home of God for us, and Him. Where else would be the best place to have fellowship with his people?  He wanted to be with us, and us with him. God walked around adam and eve all through the day in a most glorifying way but they failed to see it,nor do we right now!

God’s original design was for both of us to commune together in fellowship in Him.

Until we understand this we will be stuck in that different translation instruction book,stuck on step three!


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