and your name shall be changed to …..

God’s design for us is amazing! He never does anything for us just for  nothing.

God’s weaving of his life to us can be hidden if we don’t look at Him through His eyes.

Have we really understood the life of Jacob and the incarnation of His people? All through the beginning of the battle to build and lift up his people to be called by His name was his building of the kingdom. It was a slow and trying time  for God as He was changing His people, or just creating a new People.

God makes alot of subtle insinuations  or changes that we just seem to not understand or see in his work, but it is to our faith that we look into these things more closely now.  In Genesis 35:1-15 we see that God is in the process of changing or creating His people.

God wants us to stand out,be different,be His,be changed,be of a new kingdom,a new King. God calls Jacob and his family to get up and change location. Now to the naked eye this seems so easy or black and white. Just get up and go to another land and we will be all the better. But wait,there is more, God tells Jacob that he also has to give up all their idols and ways.

We along side of Jacob and his family just might of thought of this as the “easy button” way out. But yet we wonder  why things are not different than what God intended for us. We might have moved(come to God) but we have not thrown out our idols and our ways.

I shake my head most days of the things that I hear the world and christians alike still playing and working with their idols day after day, week after week, and they fail to see why they are outside looking in at God.

My first inclination of our failure to see that we are afraid, and that we lack the faith that God has given us thru Jesus Christ.  Our going to bethel, is going to christ and dwell there(live) for this is Life. This is what God has been trying to tell us all along and we failed to see it.

Why do we continue live a life of worry,scared,lifeless life of our own ways, when we take the life of Christ(bethel) we have life, and we have forever.

The sign that we have moved to this new town(Christ) is that we are called by a new name. Jacob, by his changing towns(arise and go to bethel) or go to Christ,shed the world and dwell with him will change his name, to Israel.

I myself like my new name, I am now  called a child of God!!



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