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We have no one to blame but ourselves……

I don’t know where to start.

I would say the proverbial statement but that is just to perfect. Start at the beginning!

But the beginning is also the problem. Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve. God and Satan.

This may tread on somethings that I have already blogged about in the blog of “Standing at the trees” but I will put another spin on it. Let’s re-create the scene in the Garden of Eden and then go from there.

Our first step here is to realize this is really not the beginning of our time as we know it, but as for God many things have gone on that maybe we are really unaware of. Before creation of the world and man existed, there was a war. Yes, a war. There was a war in the heavens, with God on one side and Lucifer and  his angels on the other.

This was the ultimate power struggle to the ninth degree, as they say. Although God had created the angels, there was one who believed that he was mightier than his creator. Lucifer and his companions fought God and His angels to the end, when God banished lucifer to earth to roam its space and time. Lucifer(satan) was now roaming the world to again take up his kingdom of (good and evil).

Now we come to the Garden of Eden and its many wonders and its inhabitants. Adam and Eve were the caretakers,the proprietaries,housekeepers,paradise keepers, it couldn’t get any better than this! After all God designed this world for man. Why shouldn’t he enjoy it.

But that proverbial pink elephant was in the room but adam and eve did not even see him!


This scenario is one that backs up the bases of “free will”. We cannot have freewill unless we have options. Adam and Eve had free will. They might not have known it at the time, but they did.

Did you notice something tho, God knew they had free will!!!!!

He had given them a choice, “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” and “The Tree of Life”

Let me make a subtle point here and then to the main point of the blog. Did you ever wonder why He called “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” and not just “The Tree of Death”? But there was a reason for this that we fail to see in God’s wise words.

God’s world, or the earth for this time, if Adam and Eve choose this tree will be filled with the  knowledge of good, and knowledge of evil. But just remember, God does not want people with the knowledge of good, let alone evil people. 

He wants his people,His children to have Life, and be Life. Jesus Christ.

God’s design for Adam was for an ultimate purpose(I will use adam for this example in the sense of a singular person, but in the end, a Corporate person),Adam to God was fellowship. Period.

God’s dwelling,house,tabernacle,temple,garden,man was God’s way of showing and telling us that our fellowship was to close, intimate,indwelling,God in us,us in God. If we was to compare the gods of the OT we would see the big difference in this area of the gods. God of Adam wanted to be with him, no other gods wanted to be with their subjects, they wanted to be far away from them.

God wants us, to commune with Him in the most unique and awesome way, He wants to be in Us!!

This unique point in the fact that God wanted to fellowship with Adam,and Adam alone tells me that He ultimately wants me to commune with Him, one on one. Not through and individual between us, telling us what God wants me to do or say throughout the week, Sunday after Sunday. God wants Me,Adam to have fellowship with Him!

I pray that you have fellowship with Him,everyday.



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