This is just not right!

I just don’t know where to begin with this? Maybe if you will allow me to just think out loud this time, you might see where I am coming from.

My father would always tell me something to do in his usual way,and as any son would do, I said “Why”. Which in turn my father would say “because I said so, I am your father”.

I would like to point out right here that I know all kids have done this a million times to their parents, but my point is that I needed to  understand the basis of the whole situation. How does my doing something fit into the great scheme of things? Why do I have to do it? and Why do I have to do it right now? If I knew the process of things, I could see the benefits of me doing something at this time.

Now, this process of thought has carried on with me throughout my life in all aspects of my life. From a job, through family matters, through me taking the trash out for my wife during a nebraska football game to just making a calculated decision in my life, I have always asked “why”.

I love asking the question “why”.

My heritage of being in a Christian family and a pastor’s kid sorta set me up for my biggest “Why” to this date.

and here it is……….

Why do we  do the things we do in Christianity?

This question has led me to the most amazing, interesting, enlightening, powerful, spiritual, Godly and Truth unveiling that I could ever see.

Now, If I was to do this right it would go on forever on this blog. So, I will do this over a few blogs for the next few weeks. Let me start with a BIG one to get this going.


My journey has brought me through alot in the last 5 years, I don’t want to take you through it now, but just to say that I have searched,studied,read books,history,Bible, and chatted with alot of people. But a very big part of what we have taken for granted as going to church is where and when this practice began.

I would suffice to say that most church going people don’t know. One of the reasons is there has never been an emphasis of this point to tell your church members. This point of going to church is what some would say is what religion is all about. But I would like to challenge you to research and look at how going to church really got started. Now this journey for you is not going to just include the bible, but history,jewish history, and other books or researching that you do will ultimately bring you into so many more questions as I have learned.

By broadening your mind,body and spirit to God’s eternal purpose to What,Who,When,and Why, we will never know the mind of Christ.

If there is  anyone that would like to comment or discuss this topic with me,please do. I can give some references and some notes to go with this.

This subject, I am afraid is just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg of things to come in the coming blogs. It will be challenging to you at first,and maybe unnerving to others but let me tell you that the more we go into this, God’s eternal purpose comes into view, like it never has before.

Hang on, it is going to be Amazing!




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