Knowledge of good and evil

We all know the father of evil,Satan. But do we know the author of good?

You would never know it from  society or heaven forbid christians, of what good is. You see both camps believe that good is good.

When God designed the Garden of Eden it was of his own paradigm of life,it was to be Christ centered(tho not know yet),it was to be a life of “life”, God designed life not as a knowledge of something but a having of “life”.

Our understanding of being good or maintaining “good” is and should be the farthest from our being of the “christianity” crowd, all we have to  understand in the tree that we have chosen is the “title”  good. We seem to go by the thinking of the concept of good as the opposite of evil, so it must be good.

We as Christ followers should ultimately rethink our paradigm of life as just futile. This brings us to to a couple of points that we must consider.

The “knowledge of good and evil” says two things;one is that whether we like it or not we have the knowledge of good and evil, now if we have the knowledge of good and and evil,it would say that naturally be that we will “do” good and evil. Is it no wonder that we do what we do!  It is that Knowledge of “whatever” that will always get us something that is not of God.

Let me also point out that in the description of Genesis 2:8 that God did not describe the “the Tree of Life” as the “the knowledge of the Tree of Life”. Now let us take this a step farther, what if we “do” as we “do” in the knowledge of good and evil, as we did to the Tree of Life? As far as I can see the most damaging part of this is that we think we would have to “do” the tree of Life. Wow! Can you imagine that?

Wait a minute, We are doing exactly that, aren’t we “christians”!

We are “doing” life, when God designed  the garden  he gave us the choice to chose the tree of Life that “life” constitutes all by itself in it the organic being of life. All this means is that it is “self sufficient” in it self. That being said; if Christ is Life and Life is our choice, should we not chose Life and have it more abundantly!

Until we see and understand the difference of the Tree’s and the Tree that we are in, or should be in, things will not change.


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