Cause and Effect

I am not an scientific person by any stretch of the word. But I do know the meaning of Cause and Effect.

The cause is the action that is the beginning  of the movement. It is the instigator of change, it  is what changes the norm.

The effect is what happens when the cause is changed or started. It is like when you destroy a dam of a river, and the water is free to go where it needs to go.

I use this illustration to show where we as christians have gotten the order in reverse.

We have re-created the effects of effect to make us look like the cause(Jesus). It doesn’t work like that, I know Christ is saying to us now “All I ask of you is to abide in Me,and I in You”. You see Christ knows that He is the “cause” and what follows is the “effect”, it is the attributes that create the things that we as christians seem to be striving for.

Our understanding of trying to be “like” Jesus seems to be our goal, It is if we think that if we “act” like the effects of Christ, we must be like Christ. “like”, is where we start to go wrong in the whole equation.

God’s whole story of the bible is Himself. Who He is,What He is,Why He is,Where He is. It is the only story of the Bible. But we seem to make it about other things, the way he acted, from who he talked to,from where he went,the rules he followed and his all around stature.

Why? God’s story is Jesus Christ and His life. But let us back up and re-evaluate what really happened. God sent His son to us not to show us how to live but to be apart of Him. You see,we fail to realize the picture before us.  God’s picture is Us in Christ,and Christ in us, just as Christ is in God, and God was in Christ.

The message is simple, we have made it hard.

Why? The reason is simple. We are working in our own strength. Not God’s.

God’s realm is not here,yet. But believe me it is coming. It is God’s world coming here, not ours going there.

Matthew 6:10, explains this scenario in the coming realm.

I challenge you to look past the words in the bible to search God’s thoughts in what He is really saying to us and to what is our response to  Him will be.  Our response to Him should be I believe in Jesus Christ and who he is, what he is,where he is,and why he is.

What if, this  scenario was played out, that one by one we believe this, would His kingdom be built as it says in Matthew 6:10?


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