a Dilemma

Knowing God and experiencing God. They are two different things.

This maybe where we as christians are confused. We know God on Sundays, we don’t experience Him anytime. Knowing God seems to be just an moment or a time in our life, but experiencing Him is and life long journey. It is being with someone every day,every hour, every minute to know their thoughts,their ways, their will. For the lack of a better phrase “We are in their Head”. But in this sense we are in “His Spirit”.

The next question arises that always put’s us back is “how” do we do this? I also have pondered this. My beginning belief in my life was the “go to church” and this will be the way of God.

My journey has led me to examine this way to see that it is short changing me on God. God’s desire for all of us is to experience Him,commune with Him,be of His own will.

I have and many others I know struggle on this topic but let me maybe shed some light on the answer.

Let’s be truthful in our answers that how we think we are to “do” or “go” or “be” with God. The answers are – I try to be Christ like where ever I go, or do, I always try to represent God in the things that I do.

The underlined word is a critical description of the answer to the question. When we use the word in our answer we proclaiming that in “our world” that God is mentioned,represented,and doing all that He would want me to do. We fail to realize that for us experience Christ we have to be with Him, in his world!

In practicality, we do not understand how to do this. Our human minds and I think mainly our spirit if it is not regenerated into His new Life has a lack of understanding to do this. Just maybe this is the problem, we think we have to “do” to experience God. Our humanness has got to take the back seat or just get out of the car to just experience God.

We have to believe that our problem is the relational experience or the lack of that keeps us from God. I only know that my greatest joy in my life has come when I am reading God’s word(let me point out here,God’s word is not just his words but is “Him” who he is,what he is and Why he is)reading scholars, reading other men and women’ s testimonies of God,listening to audio’s,watching video’s,speakers of all kinds, and walking around in my backyard with my chickens(yes,I have chickens in my backyard), that I am with God in body,mind,spirit .

It is when I am in this state that I feel that I am “with Him,in Him” that I feel joy and oneness in His eternal purpose. I have many giddy times with my God is hard to explain to some people but God is smiling on me and says “He is catching on”,

My overall answer to this is “being with God”. period. The more of Him, the less of this world is what He has always said to us. It’s true!

Ephesians 3:14-19

2 Corinthians 6:16


Revelation 21:3 this is outcome of Christ’s eternal purpose.

Colossians 1:19 is important to see, we are not complete until we are fulfilled by Christ’s Fullness.

I pray that we all can  abide,live,dwell in Christ.

I believe that when this happens his church(bride) will be built!   Hallelujah and Hallelujah!


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