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Bible reading

How is your Bible reading? Are you reading it? Is it confusing? Is it just Greek or Hebrew to you?

Let me put a different spin on this subject with you.

Look past the actual words that you read, look past the obvious storylines that you see. Look deeper, See and Hear what God is telling His People that He wants from them. Start in Genesis 1 and 2,this is the instructions and plan that God had and has for us. What is it?

Second, we know about the fall that mankind made,now try to find out how God did and is trying to get His people back on the plan of God’s eternal purpose*.

*-Notice this asterick,This is very,very important! There are three words in the phrase. The first one is “God’s”, now this shows ownership, it is His purpose,know one else. Second word is “Eternal”, now this shows where,or of what realm.(This is not our realm as where we live in now). The third word is “Purpose”, This is actually God’s “WILL”. His plan,His design,His way.

God’s eternal purpose is not what we see or hear or feel. It is “of God”. It is His will that we must capture in reading the bible. We have to continue past those few bumps in the road that we all know about in the bible and understand that it is apart of the plan but it is not “the” Plan.  Make sure that we go back to Phase one where God sets things up in the garden for His Home. Then,see how He has to bring His people back to the garden (Home). 

Ok, Now how close or far away is God getting His People back to the Garden of Eden?


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Go ahead read a book

My mind and my thoughts are blessed to have read probably around 160 books over the last 5 years, covering many subjects in the religious realm and on the outskirts of it. It has opened my eyes to many inspired men who have researched and prayed and studied for years on their subjects of expertise, to give me even more motive for me to dig deeper into the bible and God himself.

So it is with that, I challenge you to turn the tv off and sit and read a book about a character in the bible, a book of the bible, a new thought about church, christianity, why are we really here on earth for God?,and be blessed and enriched by the time you spend with God searching for His Will.

It is a long journey, as I can attest to, but it is well worth it, the joy of seeing and believing in God’s eternal purpose is just Amazing.

Authors that I recommend  if interested are:Frank Viola,Milt Rodriguez,N.T. Wright,Peter Enns,Scot McKnight,T Austin Sparks,Watchman Nee,Witness Lee,Ray Stedman,Francis Chan, Wolfgang Simson, Dietrich Bonhoffer, Jon Zen,Leonard Sweet,John Fenn just to name a few of the ones that I have read. These will give you things to think about that you might not of thought about, and give you the “I didn’t notice that in the bible before” moments, Lord knows that I have many of them.

May you have many God moments when you read about Him in the coming days!!

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Just a thought

I have always wondered  on how God is going to awaken His people, would it be one at a time or will it be all at once that we will know who He is as Peter did, as a corporate people will.

The story of the samaritan woman at the well, did not know who Christ was when He asked for water. This is a perfect example of what is going on in the religious world now, we do not see because we do not believe.

It is a shame, our understanding of who and what he is supposed to be to us is so misconstrued that we cannot see past our nose to see His face.

In John 4:1-26 the story of the samaritan woman is told. We have to see this scripture not as the face value of the story, but of the deeper meaning of what Jesus is saying to us and to her. She,the samaritan woman is now considered the new bride of God, she is the new church,the new corporate man, new people that will be changed in their ways,their natural thinking and be of a new being.

I really am blown away at the story, Jesus comes to this woman at a well and asks for water, in the end,Jesus is wanting to give her water, eternal water. I guess this is called a two-way street of water,or eternal life!!!!!!

Just a thought.

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What if the Bible had only 2 chapters?

For those out there who have heard those numerous sermons sunday after sunday. Can you remember ever hearing a sermon on Genesis 1 & 2.This is Not on the creation of the world, we seem to just go right over this as a matter of fact thing, but that genesis 1 & 2 is about the creation of God’s HOME.
We have to understand that this was God creating his house for his people with the intention that the home was completely furnished with all the ementies.
What if this was all of the bible? What would we take from this bible?
This God created this living arrangement where it is self sufficient or really God sufficient for us and all we have to do is commune with Him and Him with us.
This was God’s only plan. Period.
Then,why have we missed this part of the bible? This was and is God’s intention all along!
There was this little bump in the road that we have made our main focus on and to resolve the bump. This was important, but only important in the fact that it was to get us back to the beginning of the story.
God’s weaving of His ways are mysterious and amazing at the same time,but the end result is that He wants His people,His bride,His church and His corporate man to be with him and us to Him.
I pray that we can go back and re-read Genesis 1 & 2 and see Christ as our HOME!
Now that is what I call “Home Sweet Home”.

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You do know that we have to leave Egypt,don’t you…

My understanding of the story of the bible is not that of various stories of the old testament sharing with us the trials of the children of Israel, but of something else much, much deeper.

The story of the children of Israel, is just a continuing story of God’s story of bring His people to Him and to create the Kingdom of God.

Let me help you look at this story in a different light, that you may not of seen before, although you are actually right in the middle of the story. We,the children of God are in Egypt as I speak.

Let’s examine the scenario of the story, the children of israel were in a foreign land, nothing like the land that they were used to live in. It was a harsh area, a land that you had to work hard to just survive in. Living conditions were that of the nomads that had to make home wherever they could. The people were not of the friendliest kind either, they were weird with their foreign gods and practices. And we were away from our God in a different world and a different land!

Don’t you say this every time we come home from work,each day. “Boy,today was such a out of this world experience with the people and the environment that I was in, that I just can’t stand it”

Do you see the similarity of these statements from the children of Israel and today? The Israel not only was having issues of where and why they were there, they also were burdened by working for the pharaoh of the land. They oppressed,depressed, and just out of their realm. They were in bondage, sounds familiar doesn’t it? Monday to Friday is bondage. Clothing, shelter, money are everyday bondage’s that we have.

They were in a state of working for the pharaoh to just survive in this world, yet the conditions would soon worsen. It was when they spoke up to lift up their God, that this world rebelled to God’s people that we are not special in your God. But that we are just another part of this world who has a god that is no different than the rest of us. Pharaoh matched God in some of the curses that were laid out to him,until God was unmatched in the final one.

We need to see the real picture of this insight into God. God was still unseen but seen in His leading us out of Egypt with the Pillar of cloud. This journey was a long one in the bible, but it didn’t have to happen that way. You see Israel was starting to complain as soon as they left Egypt to what they were going to eat,where they were going to sleep,where are they going and are “are we there Yet!”( Yes, this is where it all started!)

Our perception of this world or life is distorted by this journey, because of the things that the children were wanting or asking Abraham or more to the point,God. All the questions were related to the old world(Egypt), and not related to new world(land,Christ).

This new paradigm or “life” that God was trying to portray to His people was not a physical land that was filled with everything that they would ever need, but of Jesus Christ that would come to this world and take them to Him, which in by it self would give them everything they would ever need,LIFE.

Our need to escape this Egypt,our world is the answer. The next question is HOW? I will tackle that one in the next blog, stay tuned.

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Read it like you were there!

Let me piggyback on the last blog that I wrote.

What we need to realize in our bible reading, is to put ourselves in the scene. God was there, He had His will to be done, His people were there,He was talking to them,showing them,doing things for His people,Israel,Jews, and later the Gentiles.

By putting ourselves in the story-line, realize who you are and feel what God is trying to tell you. We are still God’s people(church,bride) we all need to see the picture of who God is!

Have you noticed that one time in each of the old testament and new testament that God uses one person as the identity of His people(church,bride). Joshua in the OT, and Peter in the NT. This is the example of the Corporate Man that God has in His Will.

Man, communing and fellowshipping with the Triune God!


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It’s all about the messenger!

Why do we always forget the messenger?

After all he is just the bearer of the good/bad news.

But in this case it was/is about the messenger!

God came to the world in the form of His Son to give the news that He was the King of the World!

But where did we go wrong? maybe it was our looking at his actions,the jews did. maybe it was the way He looked that we followed, some still do,(what did you wear last sunday,it was your sunday best wasn’t it!) maybe it was everything He said that we took it too heart, legalist,we know who you are. what about those parables, did you put your money in the bank to earn that special rate?(no tin cup for you).

So, what is the message then?

My name is Douglas Allen McCall. My father is Michael McCall. This is my heritage, this is my identity, my life.

This is all that God was doing,telling us that thru Jesus Christ,that He was God, The King and His Kingdom is now here.

Jesus’s ministry was God being God from his eyes, but we saw it as thru our own way of life,not His. It wasn’t about where,when,why,what God(Jesus) did but He was showing us the Kingship of His Kingdom.

Christianity has been apart of this concept of following God’s ways as opposed to acknowledging who He really was. The King! We cannot  have two masters in this life,as it says in the bible many times. We have took this meaning very loosely as that I can’t serve money,or job or things. But we have failed to realize that it was bigger than all of this.

It is about God’s Kingdom, not our’s that we live in.

When you read the passages of the bible, try to remember that in everything you read it was God trying to tell the Jews,Pharisees,Saduccees,Kings,Pharoah’s, and His disciples that He was King!

Remember the Christmas story? The King was born!(this term is loosely used,only because He was always there, but to our understanding when now have the King).

Let us know go and proclaim the King is Here!!


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