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Go ahead read a book

My mind and my thoughts are blessed to have read probably around 160 books over the last 5 years, covering many subjects in the religious realm and on the outskirts of it. It has opened my eyes to many inspired men who have researched and prayed and studied for years on their subjects of expertise, to give me even more motive for me to dig deeper into the bible and God himself.

So it is with that, I challenge you to turn the tv off and sit and read a book about a character in the bible, a book of the bible, a new thought about church, christianity, why are we really here on earth for God?,and be blessed and enriched by the time you spend with God searching for His Will.

It is a long journey, as I can attest to, but it is well worth it, the joy of seeing and believing in God’s eternal purpose is just Amazing.

Authors that I recommend  if interested are:Frank Viola,Milt Rodriguez,N.T. Wright,Peter Enns,Scot McKnight,T Austin Sparks,Watchman Nee,Witness Lee,Ray Stedman,Francis Chan, Wolfgang Simson, Dietrich Bonhoffer, Jon Zen,Leonard Sweet,John Fenn just to name a few of the ones that I have read. These will give you things to think about that you might not of thought about, and give you the “I didn’t notice that in the bible before” moments, Lord knows that I have many of them.

May you have many God moments when you read about Him in the coming days!!

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Just a thought

I have always wondered  on how God is going to awaken His people, would it be one at a time or will it be all at once that we will know who He is as Peter did, as a corporate people will.

The story of the samaritan woman at the well, did not know who Christ was when He asked for water. This is a perfect example of what is going on in the religious world now, we do not see because we do not believe.

It is a shame, our understanding of who and what he is supposed to be to us is so misconstrued that we cannot see past our nose to see His face.

In John 4:1-26 the story of the samaritan woman is told. We have to see this scripture not as the face value of the story, but of the deeper meaning of what Jesus is saying to us and to her. She,the samaritan woman is now considered the new bride of God, she is the new church,the new corporate man, new people that will be changed in their ways,their natural thinking and be of a new being.

I really am blown away at the story, Jesus comes to this woman at a well and asks for water, in the end,Jesus is wanting to give her water, eternal water. I guess this is called a two-way street of water,or eternal life!!!!!!

Just a thought.

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What if the Bible had only 2 chapters?

For those out there who have heard those numerous sermons sunday after sunday. Can you remember ever hearing a sermon on Genesis 1 & 2.This is Not on the creation of the world, we seem to just go right over this as a matter of fact thing, but that genesis 1 & 2 is about the creation of God’s HOME.
We have to understand that this was God creating his house for his people with the intention that the home was completely furnished with all the ementies.
What if this was all of the bible? What would we take from this bible?
This God created this living arrangement where it is self sufficient or really God sufficient for us and all we have to do is commune with Him and Him with us.
This was God’s only plan. Period.
Then,why have we missed this part of the bible? This was and is God’s intention all along!
There was this little bump in the road that we have made our main focus on and to resolve the bump. This was important, but only important in the fact that it was to get us back to the beginning of the story.
God’s weaving of His ways are mysterious and amazing at the same time,but the end result is that He wants His people,His bride,His church and His corporate man to be with him and us to Him.
I pray that we can go back and re-read Genesis 1 & 2 and see Christ as our HOME!
Now that is what I call “Home Sweet Home”.

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