Bible reading

How is your Bible reading? Are you reading it? Is it confusing? Is it just Greek or Hebrew to you?

Let me put a different spin on this subject with you.

Look past the actual words that you read, look past the obvious storylines that you see. Look deeper, See and Hear what God is telling His People that He wants from them. Start in Genesis 1 and 2,this is the instructions and plan that God had and has for us. What is it?

Second, we know about the fall that mankind made,now try to find out how God did and is trying to get His people back on the plan of God’s eternal purpose*.

*-Notice this asterick,This is very,very important! There are three words in the phrase. The first one is “God’s”, now this shows ownership, it is His purpose,know one else. Second word is “Eternal”, now this shows where,or of what realm.(This is not our realm as where we live in now). The third word is “Purpose”, This is actually God’s “WILL”. His plan,His design,His way.

God’s eternal purpose is not what we see or hear or feel. It is “of God”. It is His will that we must capture in reading the bible. We have to continue past those few bumps in the road that we all know about in the bible and understand that it is apart of the plan but it is not “the” Plan.  Make sure that we go back to Phase one where God sets things up in the garden for His Home. Then,see how He has to bring His people back to the garden (Home). 

Ok, Now how close or far away is God getting His People back to the Garden of Eden?


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