I wonder if we realize how we view things from God in the bible. I would almost guarantee that we come from a natural view of man when we read the bible.

I believe that we have come to the wrong conclusion when we read it, We are reading it as if we are in the natural realm. When we read,listen to God’s word’s(God’s words are His character,we need to realize this)He speaks to us in a different way,God’s way.

We are reading or listening to God in our “natural” way, God ‘s  way is not our way, our way is fallible. God’s design of His people was and is to be indwelt in Him. This means we are apart of Him. He is after all the creator,designer and architect of His Kingdom . He’s in Charge of everything! He is.

Now let me show you an example on how we misread texts in the bible. This comes from the Living Stream Ministries of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee on LSM.org. This excerpt comes from an article of ” The Divine Revelation”.

This example of only seeing things in the natural way is still hampering the believers of the world. Let me share the article now.


The fourth commandment requires man to take only God and all that God has accomplished for man as man’s satisfaction and rest (Exo. 20:8-11). This commandment concerns the keeping of the Sabbath. I read the Bible for several decades, but I did not quite understand why in His Ten Commandments God made such a commandment to set up a day and require man to keep it as the Sabbath. What is the meaning of this? Furthermore, when the Lord Jesus came, He did not want man to keep the Sabbath. Before the Lord Jesus came, God wanted man to keep the Sabbath. Then when the Lord Jesus came, although man still desired to keep the Sabbath, the Lord did not want man to keep it any longer. What does this mean?

It was not until these last six years that I began to understand what it means to keep the Sabbath. The keeping of the Sabbath means that you can take only God and all that He has done for you as your satisfaction, enjoyment, and rest. Keeping the Sabbath indicates that you have nothing on earth other than God; you take only God Himself and all that He has accomplished for you as your enjoyment, satisfaction, and rest. Your God is your everything, and He has accomplished everything for you. All you need to do is enjoy Him and take Him as your satisfaction and rest. Let me give you an illustration. I remember my old mother, who was a Christian. She loved her children very much and often cooked good food for us during holidays or on the Lord’s Days. She had a peculiarity that while she loved to cook good meals for us, she had to do it all by herself and did not want us to do anything. If we would sit there and watch her doing everything and then praise her for doing such an excellent job, she would be very happy. If we would say, “Mother, you have been too busy; let me help you,” she would be unhappy. She did not want us to help because she considered that an insult to her. Hence, we children knew that we just needed to wait for our mother to prepare the food for us and that we did not have to do anything. When the dumplings were done, we just praised her that her dumplings were really delicious; then she was very satisfied. While all of us were eating, she did not eat but just watched us and waited on us that we might have the enjoyment. When I was young, I could not understand her, but now that I look back, I realize that this is the way God deals with us. He is doing things for us, but if we try to help Him, the more we help, the more work He has to do. He does not want our help. Rather, He wants to do everything for us. Today everything is ready, and all we need to do is to come to the feast and enjoy Him. What does it mean to keep the Sabbath? To keep the Sabbath is to take God and everything that He has done for us as our satisfaction, enjoyment, and rest. Otherwise, we violate the Sabbath. When the Lord Jesus came, the Sabbath was simply the Lord, for the Lord is the real Sabbath. Therefore, there is no longer the need for us to keep the Sabbath as a ritual.

Until we come from an Un-Natural state of seeing Christ we will not see or hear  God’s real Message!

God- “I only want you to rest in me”


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