Something new!

I like writing I have found out, now whether I am any good at it is another question.

So I am starting a new endeavor to say the least, but it is that I am going to try my hand a writing some ebooks for the world to feast on, and that includes the both of you!!!

Now to do this  I will have to put more time into just one thing and more research and reading to my already studying the word and reading three books at a time to my regiment of the day.

Please remember me in your prayers and thoughts as I tackle this project. I would like to write between 2-3 before the end of the year. Lord help me,seriously!! But this is something that I have wanted to do for awhile and I have decided to do it. I will continue to blog as much as I can, like Tom Bodet(sp) says “I’ll keep the light on for all who are interested!!”(Motel 6)



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