There is no “I” in Man!

We have all heard the saying that “there is no “I” in Team”. I think it has been used in alot of different ways and instances, but let me carry the same meaning to maybe  a new way of looking at the Bible.

First let us get our bearings on a key truth.In the beginning is where all the answers are to this truth.We need to go to Genesis 1:26-Then God said,”Let us make man in our image,in our likeness,…..”

We sometimes read books and other periodicals and we just seem to skim over the words and think that we get the meaning of them. I think we do the same with the bible.

Let’s look at the first two words of this passage,” Let us”. I know, and you know that “us” is more than 1 person or identity. Now,we need to really know on how many more than 1 we are talking about to really know the truth here. So let us go back to where it tells who was at the beginning.

We can use John 1:1-5. This passage tells us that in the beginning was the word,and the word was God ,and the word was with God.  Now, we need to see this in our spiritual eyes, not in our natural eyes. God was there in the beginning but in him was more than just God, but a Son(Jesus) who in Him had (life/Holy Spirit). This is why God says ” Let us” when He created his creation.

To illustrate  this concept let us use us as an example, thru all of us we have someone else in us thru appropriation, we have kids and grand-kids.  This is an example of who we are thru the generations of time. This is the example that God has given us to understand who  He is. We just need to “see Him”.

Now let us take the next two words, “make man”. Now if we can understand here that God could of said anything here. He could of said, make steve,fred,sally,kathy,or any specific name of man but He chose to use almost a generic name here to begin with. It was a starting point. He also knows that this is not going to stay one person, but many. So let us now realize that man is a corporate man, a ambassador of all subsequent mankind. This will be renamed latter in the bible to make it more personal to God, this also brings out another huge insight of God.

All throughout the bible God uses certain people of the jewish community and outside the jews realm that are instrumental in His work. But to make a point to us I believe He changes their names. The humanly names given to us are just that human. We for the most part do not give much thought to our names given to us, other than what our parents were influenced at the time. God, I believe uses names of “His world,Kingdom” to give meaning to Him. This is so very personal to Him.

But God changes that by giving us a name to have a special meaning to Him. Such examples are Abram,Sari,Saul,Simon, and many others. He later changes “Man” to “His People,Body,Church,and Bride” to show one that they are His, and that also who they are. Ultimately the one that  He is trying to express  is “His Bride” but that is another blog, so back to the subject.

The next three words are instrumental in our understanding of who we are. “in our Image”.

To illuminate this picture let me me tell you about the picture. Let me tell you about my wife. She is all about pictures, taking them, printing them,collecting them, and looking at them. You see, she is visual person who collects photos of you(I know,kinda scary,especially of her family) to not have a just a snapshot of time but it is a ongoing slideshow of someone to really know of who you really are. You can really tell alot about someone by the many “pictures” of their life.This can also be said about God.

God is so full of pictures, but it seems that we just don’t “see” the picture. God shows us many in the bible, but we fail to see all that He is trying to show us.But the one that He is trying to show us here is of the utmost importance.

His image, is who He is first, and secondly what He is.

Who He is, Father,Son,and the Holy Spirit(Life) is the simpleness of this image.

What He is, is even more simple, He is Life.

 We, as an corporate creation or being, is to be mingled with Him, as an act of marriage,groom and bride, in the most “televised and talked about marriage in all the world” God and man as one!

Let us reconsider now how we view the story of the bible and read it as a corporate,bride, angle to understand what God is trying to show us in His words.


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