Been soaking!

I have not been in touch with my blogging life for awhile because I have more in touch with searching and knowledge life as of late.

For people that know me, especially my family, know that I am an avid reader of anything. I read books,blogs,daily scripture,tweets,Christian Magazines,and an occasional news item about Christianity. Oh yeah,I sleep and eat too.(ha,ha).

My routine has been usually around 5 daily blogs that I receive upon my request,I have various tweets that I follow on various subjects that I get during the day, I am always in at least two bible studies of the books of the bible, and  I try to read two books at any given time about various subjects of the bible or about different theologians.To say the least, I am busy, and easily entertained!!

My thirst about God and His Kingdom is only touching the tip of the iceberg,as some say. I believe that this has me seeing things and understanding God in a different light than the casual reader of God’s word. I pray that you can understand that for me and you that we have to thirst for him and hunger for Him. If we do this then this is what God has said all along to us from the beginning that if we do this we will have life. After all, if we eat and drink of the Lord,what else do we need?

I will get back to my blogging when I get my thoughts together, hopefully that will be soon. Stay tuned for something Great from God!


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