God’s Economy(Business)

God has a plan.

God has a story to tell.

God desires His people.

Before time even existed,God was going about His business or His economy.

First we have to see some details in the start of this business, then we need to see the final result of it. Then we need to see the specifics of the business, the in-between details.

Now, this is where we need to clear our mind of any preconceived notions or ideas that we have been taught or learned through the years. Let us really see what God’s plan is from the word.

Our journey into this plan of God will be in 3 parts with God’s business plan starting us off in this blog.

God’s design of His business is in simply terms-is to have His people,His Church,His bride, His City.

The creation of His people started with “man”, this term has always been used in the singular form, representing all of “mankind”. This should be our first clue as to God’s intention for Him. We should realize that if He didn’t mean to clarify this to us, He would of used different terms such as mankind,genealogy of man, people of many nations,world,ancestors of adam,or just everyone.

Man,as we know it insinuates everyone in the world. I believe that God in His infinite wisdom considers “man” to be “of Him”, it is His creation, His hands formed man’s identity as it is today. God did not want to create necessarily a friend to have, but an being that was indwelt with Him inside of His creation.

We can get real deep in this situation, we can go to the similarity of God’s desire to just create a being for Him to have fellowship with. Because  as you have seen Adam was lonely by himself in the garden,because he did not have a help mate as the other creations of God. God then created Eve to satisfy his loneliness. This is a very insightful revelation that we need to see and understand.

I have over the years have to love words. I love to read. It amazes me even more to know that how many books are written over the centuries, that are probably as many as the sands on the beach. But what is more amazing is God’s words(not the black and white words that you read but the meaning of the deeper words that God uses for us to see in His meaning of the bible that just blows me away. now back to our journey….

Our journey to understand God’s business cannot,I repeat,cannot come from our own understanding!!! our own understanding! This means from our human perspective, It is from God’s point of view, He is after all the one that is,has,and will tell the story of His economy.

He has a Divine nature, we don’t. Yet. Until we have come into His nature we will not understand.  The key to the Divine nature, I believe is to “walk with God” daily. I believe this is what God’s intention with Adam and Eve was. Their walk was cut short by their insistence of eating of the forbidden fruit. We have to walk with Him daily,hourly, and by minutes of our life to understand Him and for God to be mingled with us, this in-turn will bring us to the Divine nature. My walk with God is having less and less interruptions of any kind to allow me to be focused on the one I am with.

When we have that little stroll with God we will have glimpses of who God really is but we will see what God’s business is for His people, or even His “helpmate”.

God’s desire to have this fellowship with His selected mate is His sole desire. God will show us thru the scriptures on how we mess up, unbelief, non-trusting, total disregard,and just plain disobedience to Him but His love for a mate is just to strong to give up on us.

Because God know the end to the story, and He knows that it ends on a Happy ending, as they say.



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