Have evangelicals missed the message by not understanding revelation?

It might seem obvious, but John’s understanding of Revelation holds the clue to God’s purpose in the bible.

But yet it seems because ministers are reluctant to really see the relevance to it, that they,we don’t dare read it or at worse,understand it.This is why you have never heard sermons or study’s on much of a regular basis.But doesn’t  it really matter that this is the end of the bible or the climax of the story As a matter of fact, we are really to blame for this! We are responsible for understanding the story that we read or being told.

After all,why would we ourselves need to know the meaning of revelation, it is only about the future, end times, or  about the heavenly things.

But let us rethink this segment of the bible as it’s importance to the Big picture!  Just by pure obvious understanding of a book that you read, there is a beginning and a ending. Genesis is our beginning, and Revelation is the ending. duh.  But let us consider one point to the details of the bible, did you know that there are only four chapters in the whole bible that are pure and perfect.  Yes, only four!

They are Genesis 1,2 and Revelation 21,22. These four chapters or time frames of God’s eternal purpose, is so simple and eloquent that we have seemed to not even see it while it was in front of us. These time frames are the only time that the Lord’s Creation or Kingdom was without chaos, or stained.

But for us to understand a story that we read or that someone is telling us is that they are starting with a beginning point and leading us for whatever long it takes to get us to the end of the story, or a climax. We as the evangelicals have been caught up in one of the intense scenes of the book to just stop  and be caught up in the moment to realize that the story continues to a much higher climatic scene in which in all ends  even in a more glorious scene where the chaos and dark night became paradise and Light filled City.

For those that have not read revelation, I strongly urge you to read it 2 or three times with alot of prayer and study with  some references from some knowledge of  interpreting or bring to light in a new way.

Let me point you to two different but eye opening ways to do this. One is a book by Frank Viola that is entitled “From eternity to Here”. You will see what God’s Eternal purpose is from the  very beginning of time or should I say before time, to God. I highly recommend this book for a very amazing God and His plan.

The other way is to check out Watchman Nee,Witness Lee’s web site ministry called “Living Stream Ministry” This over all Biblical study is more in-depth than any bible study you have ever seen or used. As with any book, I suggest starting at the beginning. This study it seems is coming from a much higher authority of understanding that it almost makes sense without  even trying, the pieces of the puzzle fit without even trying.

And that is the way God was hoping it would happen.

Let us re-look at what God’s eternal purpose is by clearing out misconceptions,preconceived ideas, our theology, our ways, and look into God’s eyes and see Him and His desire.

His desire is to have a bride(church,people,helpmate*)and to live in eternal glory in the New Jerusalem.

*This description of the bride ,I have just recently come across that bears some further study that could clear some things for us, which will come at a later time.



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