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It’s from a different view

Angles,perspectives,advantage points,standing,sitting are all ways of seeing things from a different way.

We will all come away from every situation with various interpretations of what happened or said, but it all goes back to the moment in time, that will set us all straight.

I say all this to bring a point out about the perspective that we have used to read and interpret the bible.

We have in my view seem to have taken the stance as to think that we are copier machines and that we should copy everything in the bible, word for word,story for story,inspiration for inspiration, and Jesus for Jesus and just live it.

We have seen the trees, but we can’t seem to see the forest?

Let me preface this by saying that we might have taken the phrase “Jesus in the same yesterday,today and tomorrow” as metaphor for our inspiration.

Try and follow along with me as I show you a different perspective of the bible that will amaze you and make it come alive for you as it makes it a personal journey of God’s Story.

“You just had to be there, it was amazing, it was so real” said the man on the street. When someone tells you something like that you understand what the man is saying, but yet you really can’t because of the fact that you were not there at that time when the mood,intensity,and the ramifications of the moment were intense for all that were concerned.

If you could of been a fly on the wall moment kind of thing, is the only way to experience it.

But let us try and “tele-port”(star trek term) ourselves into the old testament and new testament to be a “witness” of the time and experience it first hand.

Let me give two examples of where I am coming from. One is the book by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins,the Jesus Chronicles,John’s story.This book is a novel using the bible as reference and weaving the novel thru it, to bring you into the story of God.

Another book that is similar in style is the A.D. Chronicles by Bodie & Brock Thoene, I personally have only read the first one called “First Light”.(I intend to finish this series someday,it brings me into to reality of the bible in so many ways) The Authors in this series have created a character of which interacts with the story-lines of the bible that take you on your own personal journey of the Story of God.

These books are examples of perfect attention getters, they not only grab us but they put us in the story! Is that real enough for you!!

Our mindset going into this story is to remember who we are and to notice and perceive what is going on all around us in the old testament and new testament that we can understand not just the little portrayals of history or daily living of the jewish people and their laws but of what God was showing them what the moral of the story was and to who they were.(something that the jewish(God’s called)people did not see or understand at the time)

Now let us take what we know now, and use it to see God in a new and bright Light! God when He produced man(adam) he was producing not an individual but a corporate identity. This morsel is also key to understanding the bible in all its ways, we get caught up in our reading of the bible in all it’s many story-lines that we always forget the theme of the bible. God’s intention from the beginning was and is to produce a corporate man,not a bunch of single individuals, we really need to take this view point when reading God’s story.

To bring home this point, there are many references to this, but the one that is most relevant to this is in Revelation 21 and 22. God tells the end of the story and tells what He has accomplished and what He has built. His Bride!

To really put us in the right place to start reading the story of God, let us remember that we are the created….of the creator. So we are subject to Him. We are His….and we are His(can I hear some Hallelujahs)  At this moment in time of creation, it was like God was done with us but He wasn’t. It was like He had to instill in us our place in the world to be.

This brings us to our journey of God and His story, The Bible.

He places us in this creation of us(man)to bring us along(albeit very slowly,because we still haven’t understood the moral of His story) to tell and show us what we are here for …….

For Him, and Him only.

As like, the Bride and the Groom, we were made for each other.


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Blogging as it seems is sort of a new thing, but yet it isn’t.

Blogging is the visual way of saying what we feel or want to be heard.

Saying or wanting to be heard is real answer.

We have been trapped in our bodies in the area of religion on saying or wanting to be heard arena.

Blogging has unleashed this.

I am so thankful for the blogging world in the area of authors,theologians,and yes,normal people like you and me that have just opened up thru the blogging world to really say what was on their mind. The pink elephant in the room is staring at us as I speak. You know what and who it is but we are afraid to say it out loud,aren’t you.

Ok, I will say it for you, It’s religion, or more distinctly, the church!

You see, it’s the system. The way we have always done it,the bylaws, the denomination, the I don’t know any other way.

We have become so oblivious to searching the answer to the only question that we have ever heard.

Are you going to Heaven?

If this is what you have heard, you are not alone.

The story of the Bible is  sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more to God than going to heaven, that we have failed to see the real issue.


Blogging world has exploded on this arena of what the real issue is of the Bible and it’s real meaning. Everyone has chimed in to address questions about the bible and the eternal purpose of life. I have been both thrilled to read so many people ask and tell of their understanding of the bible as I know see the bible and the discussions of what the scriptures say to us. It is an exhilarating experience to say the least to read and hear how people are “seeing” God’s word in the true light that He meant it to be.

I challenge you to escape the confines of the one person every week to do this or that in your daily life and to actually search God. Whether it be thru the bible, thru theoligians( I highly recommend doing some of this with your studies,if need be I can give a list of some good ones),thru authors, and thru your daily prayer/reading of the bible.(this is praying for reading of the bible of the thoughts of God)It will change the way you read the bible.

God’s eternal purpose is nothing short of Amazing, I can honestly say that it revolutionary to your life.

I pray that we can see it, when we look into His eyes! Amen,and Amen


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Taking matters into our own hands

We are only human! This is a Homer moment! “Duh”

We have this instinct built into us it seems that we have to act to in our every day lives that just makes us act on our behalf to do it ourselves. ” If I want it done right I have to do it myself” is usually the exclamation that it is heard around the work place or at home trying to accomplish something. What does this say about us as people and our society, to say that we are in charge of our destiny and our lives?

Where is God in all of this?

I have a bookmark for books that reminds us that ” if we would let go, and let God”. This is revealing truth of us, humans and christians.

Let us go back to one of the first examples of this “I can do it, get out of the way God mentality” It goes back to Abraham in Genesis 16:2-3.To preface this story, God has talked to Abraham before and promised Abraham that He would have a heritage that would outnumber the stars in the heavens. Let us remember at this point that Abraham is the promisee, God is the promiser! Now, Abraham and Sarah both knowing the circumstances that surrounded them, knew that it wasn’t possible in a normal way to fulfill this promise had to act on it to make it come to fruition.

Why as a promosee do you try to fulfill what a promiser has said he is going to fulfill a request do you try to fill it yourself? I never thought about it in this light but it is a good insight into the story.

Abraham and Sarah  were in a pickle, God promised them something and they seen it as a hopeless situation as to it coming true. So as to script, We have to act. Or should I say Sarah acted(this is an important symbolic moment in the story but also in the big picture of God’s story) I will blog on this next.

Sarah suggest to Abraham that he should take sarah maidservant as a wife to have a heritage with. This would be the only way it would happen according to “their ways”. I believe this is where someone should of told abraham and sarah  the ole cliche of “God’s ways are not our ways!”.  But yet we and abraham and sarah still act on situations of God and thru our own ways and our own abilities.

To make matters worse and to show us that by our involvement in a situation,God shows us what He thinks of our involvement in his story is that when He condemns it. Wow. God tells abraham and sarah that because of their involvement in the promise, that ishmael would not be apart of the covenant that God had promised him. This covenant would only go thru isaac.

This should be a clue for us in everything that we understand in the bible and of God’s ways. But to understand this principle we also have to understand when and where we acquired this idea that we had to be involved in the good things of life.

The beginning, that’s where it always starts. Eve chose to go out on her own, and be her own person,her own boss(with adam). Why? because we would have the knowledge of good and evil! We would know it all! or so we thought.

God is the author,designer,builder of this Kingdom. He is all in all.God is involved, God has authorship of everything, God’s desire is God to be built into us. From there His work is complete, He will have rest, He will sit and have his feet on the footstool of the rest of world.

This is God taking His Kingdom as His.



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Are you hungry?

This question, if asked around my house would be a resounding “Yes” all day long! 

It seems that our bodies  are actually craving some kind of food all day long and sometimes at nite too. It is ironic that our bodies have our attention in this way, we have to feed it three or more times in a day to keep it happy and not growling at us for something new to come into our stomachs. It is only a daily thing.

We could almost say that food is in control of us. We are subconsciously being controlled by food. Without even thinking about it we have to have it, whether it be good food or bad food, now that is another topic all together. But the idea of food controlling our lives is there.

To a basic poor person compared to the average person living his or her normal life, we think about this food thing very rarely in that it is our lifeblood to life. We just go to the refrigerator and pull something out to eat, anytime of the day or nite. But to that poor person it is a matter of life and death. It is that simple.

And in a spiritual way it is.

God’s suttleness  is so amazing to me in knowing Him. He talks to us in such ways that we have to look into His face and to listen to what his every word is that we would be spellbound by his wisdom in Himself.

I have found such aweness of God that I find myself wanting to eat and drink of Him all day long. His words coming from the written word and from Him have made me want to snack on him besides to have those three Big meals in the day.

This leads  me to to the revelation that we must go away from this idea of one time a week to be lead by God to fill us for the whole week!  No one in their right mind would try a eating routine like this and live! Why should we  think that this would work in our life with God?

Let me tell you a great diet that really works.Every day that you wake up, eat a meal in the morning,afternoon, and evening to sustain you thru the day, and if you are really hungry try some snacks in between these meals. It will  quench your thirst and hunger!

Now, if we apply this thought to our spiritual life, we will have recipe for a spiritual life with God that we shall not ever hungry or thirst no more!? Now, where have we heard this before? Oh,yeah. It is in the bible when Jesus with the woman at the well.Jesus answered the woman’s question of how He could get some water if He did not have something to draw it from. But Jesus said to her ” Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again,but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

This “water” is a reference not to a physical water but a life of Him, which is what water brings to us in its physical sense. I am so in awe of the subtlety of God, it just make me sit there and Go “WoW, God you are amazing!

Our reality it seems is that we are like this samaritan woman in that she(the world) is still relying on the physical aspect of water to sustain us instead of God.

We have also realize that this is a daily occurrence of our being to walk with God. Our belief that our going for food on a certain day will not cut it any more. We have to come to God, who is at the Head of the Table, who is the food of Life for Us.

So, Come to the feast, every second,every minute, every hour,every day for the rest our lives to dine of God and with God. and they all said, “Amen, and Hallelujah”

P.S. as a testimony to this eating of God, I am eating more and more of him every day, I sense that I will not be quenched until I have looked into His eyes and know who He is. God is leading me on a daily basis to eat of Him, and I am now beginning to metabolize in a different way than I used to. I can now truly say “God is my Life”.

After all, “you are what you eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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