It’s from a different view

Angles,perspectives,advantage points,standing,sitting are all ways of seeing things from a different way.

We will all come away from every situation with various interpretations of what happened or said, but it all goes back to the moment in time, that will set us all straight.

I say all this to bring a point out about the perspective that we have used to read and interpret the bible.

We have in my view seem to have taken the stance as to think that we are copier machines and that we should copy everything in the bible, word for word,story for story,inspiration for inspiration, and Jesus for Jesus and just live it.

We have seen the trees, but we can’t seem to see the forest?

Let me preface this by saying that we might have taken the phrase “Jesus in the same yesterday,today and tomorrow” as metaphor for our inspiration.

Try and follow along with me as I show you a different perspective of the bible that will amaze you and make it come alive for you as it makes it a personal journey of God’s Story.

“You just had to be there, it was amazing, it was so real” said the man on the street. When someone tells you something like that you understand what the man is saying, but yet you really can’t because of the fact that you were not there at that time when the mood,intensity,and the ramifications of the moment were intense for all that were concerned.

If you could of been a fly on the wall moment kind of thing, is the only way to experience it.

But let us try and “tele-port”(star trek term) ourselves into the old testament and new testament to be a “witness” of the time and experience it first hand.

Let me give two examples of where I am coming from. One is the book by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins,the Jesus Chronicles,John’s story.This book is a novel using the bible as reference and weaving the novel thru it, to bring you into the story of God.

Another book that is similar in style is the A.D. Chronicles by Bodie & Brock Thoene, I personally have only read the first one called “First Light”.(I intend to finish this series someday,it brings me into to reality of the bible in so many ways) The Authors in this series have created a character of which interacts with the story-lines of the bible that take you on your own personal journey of the Story of God.

These books are examples of perfect attention getters, they not only grab us but they put us in the story! Is that real enough for you!!

Our mindset going into this story is to remember who we are and to notice and perceive what is going on all around us in the old testament and new testament that we can understand not just the little portrayals of history or daily living of the jewish people and their laws but of what God was showing them what the moral of the story was and to who they were.(something that the jewish(God’s called)people did not see or understand at the time)

Now let us take what we know now, and use it to see God in a new and bright Light! God when He produced man(adam) he was producing not an individual but a corporate identity. This morsel is also key to understanding the bible in all its ways, we get caught up in our reading of the bible in all it’s many story-lines that we always forget the theme of the bible. God’s intention from the beginning was and is to produce a corporate man,not a bunch of single individuals, we really need to take this view point when reading God’s story.

To bring home this point, there are many references to this, but the one that is most relevant to this is in Revelation 21 and 22. God tells the end of the story and tells what He has accomplished and what He has built. His Bride!

To really put us in the right place to start reading the story of God, let us remember that we are the created….of the creator. So we are subject to Him. We are His….and we are His(can I hear some Hallelujahs)  At this moment in time of creation, it was like God was done with us but He wasn’t. It was like He had to instill in us our place in the world to be.

This brings us to our journey of God and His story, The Bible.

He places us in this creation of us(man)to bring us along(albeit very slowly,because we still haven’t understood the moral of His story) to tell and show us what we are here for …….

For Him, and Him only.

As like, the Bride and the Groom, we were made for each other.


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