Farmer Doug

The sower has an important job on a farm of agriculture.

You just can’t be a johnny appleseed of life.Tossing seeds wherever they may land,expecting every seed to come forth with fruit.

This is why the farmers introduced mechanical machinery to do the job that they didn’t want to do by hand. It was to place 1 seed a foot apart from the next seed and another foot away from the next, and so on.

This method is the opposite of some our thinking when we try to grow something in our garden, when we just dump some seeds into a whole and expect miracle plants as high as the house and come bearing multitudes of vegetables.(been there, done that)

But wait, have we actually done this in our thinking of our religion of christianity?

This may hard to see or even swallow as truth but think upon this and let it sink in or study it deeper.

If we are of Christ as his multiplication as seeds, are we not suffocating ourselves being throw into an environment of the “church”. When Christ has planted us evenly apart of each other, to be able to reproduce Him as the “grain of wheat”, He as the original grain was not beside another grain to compete for the richness of the earth to warm and to shelter the seed, or to just soak the nourishing water that seeped into the ground, or to hog all the heat that the sun shown down on the earth of our fertile land.

Our understanding of God’s multiplication of Him, is not depending on our being together as the seeds of God in a glob in the dirt, but as individual seeds being nurtured in God,of God,and for God, if we are to be of Him, we should just be at peace in our surroundings of our planting,soaking up the water and Sonshine of His being so that we will someday be that image of God.

I recommend that  we really seek the Lord in this matter and see that we as His called ones, seek Him only. The growth will naturally take place in God for us to be His Fruit!!


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