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Cut and Paste


Have we taken the phrase “cut and paste” to far in our biblical understanding?

Let me show you what I mean, everything that we read and understand in the bible we seam to think that  happened in the bible from the old testament to the new testament we see as for us to copy and paste into our lives?!
I fail to see the part in the beginning that we are to copy and paste?

I am under the belief that the bible is so much more than this. It is deep and more meaningful than a cut and paste job.

 I believe that it is a story about a God that relishes a people to mingle with and to join him in a city of perfectness and beauty that will last an eternity.

Our understanding of the bible needs to be seen as a whole picture. God’s city,God’s people and God Kingdom. Together, for eternity.

Now, to understand this is just the beginning of realization of the picture. It is how to get there is the hard part. First, we have to take us out of the equation as far as us doing something to create it! This is how we have created religions in our world.
Let us see God’s story as a 3D picture, It is as tho in the background of this 3D picture that the background images are the past, and it comes forward into the future, or the current picture as it will become.

Remember, this is God’s story told by God.

Our intention then should be focused on the goal of God.

Let me sidetrack here, to point out that in our quest for understanding of God, have gotten caught up in a few side roads that we have claimed to be the actual Goal of God. We tend to not just understand that this is a crescendo in God’s beautiful orchestrated symphony  of music. But there is is more of a ultimate climax that comes at the end of the song. I will not get into specifics now, but to let that sink into your thoughts and see if you have gone down this road yourself.

God’s goal,purpose,design is to have eternity with a mingling of His people in His Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom,God’s ways. period.

God is awesome. God is divine. God is everything.

If we are to understand that God’s story is reality, then we must realize that we are apart of it, be apart of it means we are in control by God, God is indwelling us with His Spirit, His Spirit will build this City of Jerusalem as it says in Revelation 21:1,2.

I hope we can forget the cut and pasting and see it as it is, A picture of God’s City!

* Please read Revelation 21,22 for a clearer picture of this. Do not be afraid of Revelation, for it is deep but it will sink into your spirit and you will soon see the real picture of God.


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I want to go back to a similar post that I wrote maybe a year ago, where we looked at the scenario of Man in the garden of eden looking at two trees and picking which nature that He wanted.


If we as man can understand the huge implications of this decision of ours we then can go back and understand what we did wrong, or even know what the real identity we were supposed to be. I wonder if Adam really understood the underlining path that his decision would take him.


It has all boiled down to “nature”. No, it isn’t the surroundings that Adam was in. The garden of eden was the most extravagant garden that God could of designed for anyone to live in. It had everything, it was the ultimate man cave!! God thought of everything. There was the beauty to the eye, their was substance,food to live on, for this was what adam thought that life was all about. The food that he did pick was good to the eye, and then to the taste. There was also entertainment for man, animals beyond your imagination to care for and to watch. There was also the heavens to look at while man was resting while laying down in the garden, what a panoramic view it must have been to see the universe from its beginning. But this is not the nature I am talking about.


The nature that was to be chosen that day was of “man’s” or “God’s” nature.


Do you realize that this decision was simply to say “Do you want life or death”.

For adam to make this decision was not a simple one but a very influential one that he maybe didn’t understand fully.

We need to stop here and truly understand at what a pivotal and deep message that is being brought to us by God.


God’s message to us was simply Life or death, it was a condition that would “come “ to us in whatever we choose. If our decision was to be the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” it would bring death. If we chose the “tree of Life” we would have life “come”to us.

Our result of choosing the tree of knowledge of good and evil has brought us death but also all the precursors of death to us in the pain and agony of death in the absence of life.


But although we as man have made the worst decision of mankind, God still wants us to have “life”. This could be where the term “give him a second chance” came from. Let man choose again.


We need to view this pinnacle of the bible as the key to God’s eternal purpose to us. It is not the fact we as His people need to know that we have sinned, and need to repent, and to share this revelation to everyone we know.


It is the decision of Life(Christ) that we must answer. We (This is a singular plural word) meaning God’s people,children of Israel,christians. This is also a sticking point that we need to understand better, in context of this moment. You see in whatever decision that was/is made it will be passed on from generation to generation to generation.


It’s simple: Death begets Death, and Life begets Life.


What we have to know is that Christ’s dying on the cross for us(same as before,singular plural word) was to kill death,do away with it,capture it,overcome it and subdue it. The end. This was a means to the end of death. This should not be construed as the main point in understanding of the bible but as the way to LIFE.

Let us all go back and now chose Life!!


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Andy and opie

I am sure all of us have watched the “Andy Griffth Show” at least once in their life. It was the old show where an unorthodox small town sheriff and his deputy served and protected their town the best they knew how. It was always interesting to see how and if they would get out of the trouble they had actually started themselves(usually barney)and solve their dilemma.

In the underlying theme to the show was suttle and familiar touch of the message of father and son, and it always showed thru on the show’s opening scenes.

Andy and Opie just walking thru the ole paths of their local woods on their way to go fishing or just go trekking for the nature walk. But something is a little bit diffferant in this moment of enjoyment, it is in unison that the two characters are portraying. What the father does, the son also does. The father whistles,the son whistles, the son father skips a rock,the son skips a rock, the son’s gait is in tune with the fathers gait.

There is another example of this in the bible that we may not of seen, because we had blinders on when we read the bible. We have been almost in a trance to what we saw and read in the bible that has just stuck with us for a long time, but we need to zoom back from the fine print and see the whole picture.
Now, re-read some passages with the theme of “Sonship”. Once you start you will be in awe of the suttle but resounding message that you see. In the o.t. the suttlety of God setting the example of who He is and what He stood for, Character,Position,Demeanor,Love,Power,and most of all, Who He was.

This is called Sonship.

This is taken from Witness Lee’s study on Hebrews, when he says- “in the bible the significance of sonship is the expression  of the father. a son always expresses the father. If you read the N.T.  carefully you will see that God does not want a company of sinners who have been redeemed,cleansed and brought into heaven. This is meaningless. God wants many sons to be his corporate,universal expression,wherever these sons are,there the father will be expressed.”
God’s desire and plan is that His creation be “in Him,of Him” that we will be His image. Romans 8:29

I think Andy and Opie understand.

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