Andy and opie

I am sure all of us have watched the “Andy Griffth Show” at least once in their life. It was the old show where an unorthodox small town sheriff and his deputy served and protected their town the best they knew how. It was always interesting to see how and if they would get out of the trouble they had actually started themselves(usually barney)and solve their dilemma.

In the underlying theme to the show was suttle and familiar touch of the message of father and son, and it always showed thru on the show’s opening scenes.

Andy and Opie just walking thru the ole paths of their local woods on their way to go fishing or just go trekking for the nature walk. But something is a little bit diffferant in this moment of enjoyment, it is in unison that the two characters are portraying. What the father does, the son also does. The father whistles,the son whistles, the son father skips a rock,the son skips a rock, the son’s gait is in tune with the fathers gait.

There is another example of this in the bible that we may not of seen, because we had blinders on when we read the bible. We have been almost in a trance to what we saw and read in the bible that has just stuck with us for a long time, but we need to zoom back from the fine print and see the whole picture.
Now, re-read some passages with the theme of “Sonship”. Once you start you will be in awe of the suttle but resounding message that you see. In the o.t. the suttlety of God setting the example of who He is and what He stood for, Character,Position,Demeanor,Love,Power,and most of all, Who He was.

This is called Sonship.

This is taken from Witness Lee’s study on Hebrews, when he says- “in the bible the significance of sonship is the expression  of the father. a son always expresses the father. If you read the N.T.  carefully you will see that God does not want a company of sinners who have been redeemed,cleansed and brought into heaven. This is meaningless. God wants many sons to be his corporate,universal expression,wherever these sons are,there the father will be expressed.”
God’s desire and plan is that His creation be “in Him,of Him” that we will be His image. Romans 8:29

I think Andy and Opie understand.


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