Cut and Paste


Have we taken the phrase “cut and paste” to far in our biblical understanding?

Let me show you what I mean, everything that we read and understand in the bible we seam to think that  happened in the bible from the old testament to the new testament we see as for us to copy and paste into our lives?!
I fail to see the part in the beginning that we are to copy and paste?

I am under the belief that the bible is so much more than this. It is deep and more meaningful than a cut and paste job.

 I believe that it is a story about a God that relishes a people to mingle with and to join him in a city of perfectness and beauty that will last an eternity.

Our understanding of the bible needs to be seen as a whole picture. God’s city,God’s people and God Kingdom. Together, for eternity.

Now, to understand this is just the beginning of realization of the picture. It is how to get there is the hard part. First, we have to take us out of the equation as far as us doing something to create it! This is how we have created religions in our world.
Let us see God’s story as a 3D picture, It is as tho in the background of this 3D picture that the background images are the past, and it comes forward into the future, or the current picture as it will become.

Remember, this is God’s story told by God.

Our intention then should be focused on the goal of God.

Let me sidetrack here, to point out that in our quest for understanding of God, have gotten caught up in a few side roads that we have claimed to be the actual Goal of God. We tend to not just understand that this is a crescendo in God’s beautiful orchestrated symphony  of music. But there is is more of a ultimate climax that comes at the end of the song. I will not get into specifics now, but to let that sink into your thoughts and see if you have gone down this road yourself.

God’s goal,purpose,design is to have eternity with a mingling of His people in His Kingdom.

God’s Kingdom,God’s ways. period.

God is awesome. God is divine. God is everything.

If we are to understand that God’s story is reality, then we must realize that we are apart of it, be apart of it means we are in control by God, God is indwelling us with His Spirit, His Spirit will build this City of Jerusalem as it says in Revelation 21:1,2.

I hope we can forget the cut and pasting and see it as it is, A picture of God’s City!

* Please read Revelation 21,22 for a clearer picture of this. Do not be afraid of Revelation, for it is deep but it will sink into your spirit and you will soon see the real picture of God.


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