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Has the real gospel message been lost du

Has the real gospel message been lost due to the lack of generational story telling of God’s eternal purpose?

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Same song,different verse

I, in my blogging history have touched on this subject a few times but in different ways. I have had one blog in particular that had some good conversation on it coming from different sides but let me come again with a different twist.

The subject “The old testament(covenant) is dead”. Now this statement in its present wording (I believe) is correct. I believe that what could be the issue in this subject is our understanding of the words testament,covenant.

Let’s look at the word covenant first, covenant is the relation between two parties that have agreed on  promises to each other.

A testament is a confirmation of a such covenant,like a will and testimony of a passed on family member.

What I will maybe reword my past believing quote is that the Old Covenant IS dead,(because a new one is in effect) but the fact that the Old Testament is Yes,still alive. It is a said statement of God and His relationship with His people.

But the main emphasis here to understand is the old covenant is over and Christ is the new Covenant.

Let me show you how this is possible with the New Covenant(testament). Yes, the N.T..

The Bible,God,Spirit is really amazing in it’s just coming to you in such a way that opens your eyes and your mind to what God is doing in His infinite wisdom of his eternal purpose.

Do you even notice on how many times the writers of the new testament quote,mention,refer to the old testament? There is anywhere from 200 to over 600 complete verse by verse quotes to some kind of references of the old scriptures. This is at least a minimum of 10% of the new testament is from the old.

Now this is my take on this, pointing back to the old testament must of been a important commentary on the new testament to do this. If we are to really understand the significance of this method of inspiration by the authors we will have to go past the obvious.

Quoting something from the past is just that, the past. Whether it came from someone that we just met or from some esteemed dignitary it has to been really understood to make sense. The references going back to the old covenant, was and still is “for” God’s people, whether they be for the children of Israel or for His People today!

Remember, these “past” remarks were said in front of God’s people(children of Israel) and they didn’t understand the real meaning of God’s word’s. I sometimes see us as the “New” old children of Israel.(This is actually a blog that I am working on,the similarity of the two identities.)

We as God’s people have to have the mind of God to be in the spirit with God. This is a very important key to walk with God. I guess that is why Romans 12:2 has been one of my verses to know.

Romans 12:2 – And do not be fashioned according to this age,but transformed by the renewing of the mind that you may prove what the will of God is,that which is good and well pleasing and perfect.

Our mind is a key intricate path to God’s understanding of his eternal purpose. My mind needs more help than others it seems on some days, but I pour myself into Him, whether it be in His word,prayer,or in solitaire waiting for his whispering in my spirit.

God’s covenant with His people is two fold. One, It is with an identity, a “corporate” one, not a singular method of acclaiming,(we have to re-look at this at the thinking of the evangelicals that has made what they are today,and the message they are sending. His people are already His people, He just needs them to come back to him, not we need to get everyone on board one by one to get “His” people together.) This is a real thought provoking thought, think on it, and study it. Deuteronomy 30 is a good place to start.

Secondly, the first covenant, was just test, sorta, it was to show His people that they could not find or more importantly show them that they could not “do” the covenant and succeed. They would fail, and they did. I think they thought they eventually would tho?

The second covenant, or the New Testament, was that His People, through Christ  would be that perfecting people of God that He had planned for them. They would be indwelt with Christ,Spirit, and God.

After all, isn’t this what He was referring to in 1 Corinthians 6 :17!

*For some insight into God’s eternal purpose I highly recommend that you do a study on “second’s” of everything in the bible. You will be blown away after you do!!



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I need more tools!?

I have decided to really get serious about having a wood workshop in my garage!!

Now you know that for me to do this I have to have some tools, and some big manly machines to start out with!!!! OOOOOH, OOOOOH,OOOOOH! as Tim the toolman,Taylor would say!! Right!!! I know all the men are behind me on this.

I have started to collect a few tools here and there either from a garage sale, or on sale, or for gifts to get me started on some projects. But it always goes you never have the right one or two big manly machines to really get you going.(at least that is always the case with me when I want to start a project) 

I really need a good 14″ bandsaw to cut up some nice wood pieces to size. This would get me going good with my projects. Or how about a good ole wood lathe to allow me to do some nice wood dowels for some projects. Boy, I could really get going on some neat stuff. I can see it now, I would be “Doug, the master Woodmeister of Colorado”. You can see too, can’t you!! (and Yes I can hear everyone snicker from here)

But, wait.

What if, in my garage I had all those tools already, and I didn’t even know it or see them?

What if I was to go out there in my semi-organized stuff and I now have all the tools that I would need to be just that amazing Doug the Woodmeister!!  Wouldn’t that be cool!

Let me  show you how just maybe we all are doing the same thing as I am and not realizing that I do have everything that I need to be the Woodmeister.

You see, the foundation has already been poured for us in “Christ”,”Messiah”,”God”. He has redeemed us, justified us,and we are free to choose Him at the Tree of Life! This is the real “second chance” that they are always talking about! We as God’s people have chosen “Life” we have God,we have Life and we have everything. It is right before our eyes(spiritual eyes,Divine eyes) to see. We only need to act on it to believe it. We have the Power, We have Life!! We have Christ!! WOW, If only we had known then ……..


See you later, I am going out to my New Fully furnished …….   Woodmeister Shop!!

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