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“The Believers”

This would be a Great name for a movie! 

But it is really a real life event of people of faith.

I believe that because the name “christian” has been given a tarnished  abuse of the name that maybe we should just use the term that constitutes what a christian really is………. a believer. of Jesus Christ.


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I am Back!

It has been a furious four months filled with moving a daughter to our house,taking some time off for a few getaway trips, work and alot of reading, but i am back to blogging and yes, I might take a swing at writing a ebook finally.

Let me start with this blog on the state of what I see as what the Christian is seeing and hearing at this moment of time.

It has become apparent to me in the listening and reading of the message of the average christian or church going person is the “Gospel”.

Now, that sounds good at first glance but it really is sorta shallow and very minimalist. I have asked a few people about their understanding of the bible’s theme and it seems that the standard answer is “the Gospel” as the pat answer. It would be worth the time and effort to see how much deeper the person could go on explaining who, when, where, why, the gospel is being presented to us and one thing that is quite evident in my observations, is that there is not much substance to the believer after their story of the resurrection. My question to them is where does the story go from there? Where does revelation fit in? and why have we not made knowing the “Revelation” a high priority to our reading the bible, after all, it is the end of the story! Does not putting the last piece of the puzzle together with the rest make it all come together? and does it fit what we have understood the first,middle of the story? (if it doesn’t then maybe we might need to relook at the first and middle section, cause the end cannot be changed!)

It all has mesh together for it all to make sense!!

Another observation that seems very disturbing to me is that we made the old testament a collection of little bible stories to tell our kids or grandkids and just tell them that it was just history of the bible and now let’s get to the “gospels” where it is all that the bible talks about. What??????????

It is my conclusion that for way to long we have been spoon fed on what someone has seen as the only part of the bible that was worth mentioning to a group. Shame on them, and shame on us for letting them!!!

If we are to really see God’s Story(the bible) then we take control of our faith and see what the Lord is really expressing in His autobiography. God’s Eternal Purpose is Amazingly Grand but we need to understand that the “Gospel” is only a part of it, not the whole thing.

I will give you a tease on what I believe the story is really about!



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