God’s Church, I mean God’s people.

Where did we go wrong?

Most christians believe we are going the right direction we are on. Some people don’t believe there is a right direction. Some people believe we are good right where we stand.

But there are a growing few that believe that we are going down the wrong road. I am in that circle.

If we have really done our homework or gotten deep in God’s word*(God himself) we need to see and understand from history,culture, and the world at that time. We need to be in the actual shoes and understanding of those in God’s will of the old testament and new testament. Our understanding of God’s word is forever true, but it has to stay in context of the original intention of God and not our at the moment thoughts of His will.

I believe that our concept of “church” has led us to a very long and never ending road that does not take us to God. Some how we have used the “church” definition as a structure of human effort. and I say wwwwhhhhhaaaaattttt? This could take forever to show how many ways that this is wrong, but let me show you a few.

We have to go back to the old testament and the People of Israel and God. You need to understand and just see God at work in the lives of Israel in Genesis and Exodus. The only way that I can picture this scenerio that God was in, is that paradigm of the parent and the child. God was punishing his child but yet showing them on how and what to get back in good grace with Him. If you look at the story in genesis and exodus this way, you will see the story develop before your eyes. God’s people messed up, He restrained them and kept them close to him, He gave them some strict rules to follow so they would stay close to him. These rules were the Ten commandments. We should know these by heart, but like in the old testament,we can’t keep them either. We are broken,tainted,sinful and of a different nature.God is saddened by their actions and of ours.

One of these rules as we know is to “keep Sunday Holy”, this thought was and still is for a period of time of the day. This concept was “for God only”. This thought although is right, was not restricted  to a “day”, it was “for always”. This journey of God’s people trying to follow these rules,were in God’s timing for when He would come to the correction and teaching of His children of “the way” of Himself. The fact the God brought in His Son into the paradigm to show and to deliver them from this paradigm, to yet another paradigm(my favorite word). God shows us that His kingdom not ours is the one to be in because that is where He is. The institutional church is all built by His people, not God. We must see this.

This progression of God keeping us inline with his will,was the tabernacle(a tent of God to be resurrected in the people’s journey), a temple(David’s building of the first structure to represent Him), Christ (the all-inclusive tabernacle,temple,divine being that God’s will shows us).

God’s plan was to keep them on a short leash,you see, He had a plan.

He’s plan was to keep “His people together, and with the rules with Him in mind to allow them to understand Him,to see Him. This was teaching moment to his people as it would be for a parent to show his child in steps to get back with his parents as a proud parent.

We are God’s people not a building with individuals in it.


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