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Where have all the “real” bible nuts gone?

I knew that would get your attention.

I am at a loss for a word to use for bible “studying”, you see I don’t mean the usual studying of the bible of what did so and so do in this story, the sunday school version. This includes the wed nite get togethers that we just go over the same things over and over.We have for to long just gone sunday after sunday over the same things without knowing or assuming that we were on the right message of God. I think this is so beneath God to have this understanding of Him(His Word).

If we are to know the truth, we need to as God’s people search Him.

Let me explain……..

Now my story is and will be different than yours or anybody else’s but none the less it should  come to you some day just out of the blue when you are confronted with the question “is this what God is talking about?”.

This is exactly what happened to me one sunday at church.

I was confronted with the usual chaos of people trying to playing “church”.

My initial reaction was to learn to teach people on how to “play church”. lol

Boy, was I in for a journey! I started to dig into God.

Five years later I am not not only “playing church” I have found out what church is and what God meant by church.

This is my journey,…….. After I read and saw in the word of God that it was not a building or an organized group of so called denominations that saw themselves as “the church”, I delved into many theologians views of the bible and aspects of God that got me to thinking.(I challenge you to do this also, Rethink your position on how you view God,thru the bible. What was God saying in one sentence!) 

Back to my journey, first,remember the christian’s view in this message is mainly because of one man, Martin Luther. You have to research this to understand this. Short version, is that our world of protestant denominations veered off from  the catholic world, now just because it is a variant off of catholicism, should not default it to make it right. If it started off wrong, and we just changed it a little bit,still makes it wrong. It has to completely different!

I traveled different roads to find different things out, I look thru history to see what was perceived at this time on what was going on. It was Martin Luther that challenged the “church”,Catholic government to it’s stand on God. I looked at christian History at was what was going on to perceived at “His Church”. This too was just not what I perceived as what God wants for His people. All this is based on what I was reading  in the old testament, but it is mainly the intention of God and His people in the exodus of Egypt. Read the Story,but don’t read the story. Listen to the story. What is God saying to the children of God?

My travels have lead me to some awesome things that will stay with me forever, these things are bonuses but what I have found out that God is Bigger than those stories in the bible that your sunday school teacher tells you or your preacher tells you about for the 433rd time. It’s bigger than that, and it’s much deeper than that, in fact what it is, is Divine! It is The Divine Nature.( my advice is tough but needed to see God in His True Light, get free from all influences of your usual “christian” life and become one with God and look for Him and His truth for His People) Biblically speaking,God tells us the same thing.

What we seem to be still involved in, is the sinful nature, or human nature,fallen nature. We have to be in God’s World!!

Our mind and our being have to change to the Divine nature of God. The bible even tells us that God’s Kingdom is not of this world, so why are we trying to participate in it or change it? God’s world is His,His World is totally different.

Let’s try this a different way, God is God, man is man, God is better!


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