Walking in his sandals

The bible is story. the bible is historical story. the bible is story with futuristic proclamations. the bible is filled with parables of their time.

All these are true. But the connecting thread with all these statements is that they are made in their own time and events. Which make the stories relevant in the time,place and characters that were involved. 

I think that we have been coming from the wrong direction when we have been looking at the bible and trying to cipher it’s meaning and reasoning.

Where we have missed the mark at the understanding of the scriptures is that the message of the story is not of the duplication of the story it self, but to see that the message of the story was in the time and space and events of the time. The message was being given to the people of God in the not so subtle hints of His faithfulness to them.

Re-visit the old testament story and see if you can pull out God’s intention of trying to show His people that they were righteous in His eyes and that He would be faithful to them and save them and make them His own.

We only need to walk in their sandals to feel and experience this.


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