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Maybe we just have it wrong?

I find it very odd that as christians and our heritages over the last 600 years of trying the same things over and over that we have failed to see the answer.

It is actually what is called the definition of “insanity”. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results!

What we call the church, we seem to think that we as the participants are in charge? and where do we find that in the bible?

Matthew 16:18 seems to contradict this way of thinking for christians. With our best efforts forward of trying to achieve the “Church” in our little church’s that we want to become big and bigger, we seem to be failing.

Over the last 50 years in the U.S. the church has been declining. We have done research,we have just changed programs,changed churches,changed pastors,music,and 100 other things to bring in people. But maybe there is one thing that either we havenot thought of or just don’t won’t to admit to it.

We are not to be doing it, God is!

I have been intrigued with the old testament story of the exodus.  If you really understand this story in it’s deeper meaning of what God was doing with his “People” you will see the real significance of it in the New Testament. Sit back and reread the story of the exodus and the pre-exodus and listen to the condition of the people of God, what was there real issue of life?

This story reiterates my belief that God is the one  building the church in his own way and time. If we read the story the Israelites you will remember that not to far into the journey that they all started to complain and whine that they were tired and hungry and wondering “are we there yet!”(lol). And even further into the journey they believed that they would be better off back in Egypt where they were forced to work for the Pharoah but yet had shelter and food to eat.

Sound familiar? We couldn’t escape the confinds of slavery if we wanted to! We are content to continually be a slave! I am under the belief that  christianity as we know it is close to being over. It is this understanding of our “work” still bogs us down,or enslaves us to this way of thinking that has gotten us to this point.(this paradigm seems to be stuck with us as christians since the 16th century, which is another blog,or even an ebook!)

My goal is to show another paradigm in the coming months than the previous one mentioned.

I will expound on this theme on the “Exodus” on coming blogs, but my main goal is to write an ebook on the subject by the end of the year. So stay tuned. I enjoy the discussion of all subjects so be free to send your 2 cents to me on this. Doug


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My journey

WOW!  God is not only awesome, but He is truly incitful and deep in his word’s(oral and written).

I have been in deep thought and deep study about God’s physical book that we call the bible. I don’t know where to start what God has allowed me to see in the making and understanding of his words. His not so simplistic way of telling us who he is,what he is,why he is, that has me reeling in my mind and my heart.

My sense is that at this stage of the world and the christian mind, that it will take them awhile to see the real whole picture of God. Let me say at this point here that the person of interest of the story is not of Jesus, but of God. Jesus is and was the action verb of the story. We need not miss that it was,is God’s story.

In the beginning was God, God’s story is and was first, an autobiography,an personal testimony as you may call it. God’s story,God’s life,God’s journey is the word’s that we now have as the “Bible”, an witness to this fact. God’s story is of him,for him.

I think we have forgotten this.

God’s intention is for us to not to just to see this but to be in it and of it.

I plan to continue this journey with God and you if you want to, to see what God’s intention’s were and are in the blogs ahead, so hang on for an exciting and wonderful new journey!

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