My journey

WOW!  God is not only awesome, but He is truly incitful and deep in his word’s(oral and written).

I have been in deep thought and deep study about God’s physical book that we call the bible. I don’t know where to start what God has allowed me to see in the making and understanding of his words. His not so simplistic way of telling us who he is,what he is,why he is, that has me reeling in my mind and my heart.

My sense is that at this stage of the world and the christian mind, that it will take them awhile to see the real whole picture of God. Let me say at this point here that the person of interest of the story is not of Jesus, but of God. Jesus is and was the action verb of the story. We need not miss that it was,is God’s story.

In the beginning was God, God’s story is and was first, an autobiography,an personal testimony as you may call it. God’s story,God’s life,God’s journey is the word’s that we now have as the “Bible”, an witness to this fact. God’s story is of him,for him.

I think we have forgotten this.

God’s intention is for us to not to just to see this but to be in it and of it.

I plan to continue this journey with God and you if you want to, to see what God’s intention’s were and are in the blogs ahead, so hang on for an exciting and wonderful new journey!


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