Just thinking out loud

I seem to do this quite abit lately. I am seeing and hearing things around me that make me wonder if it has anything connected to God’s design for us.

This is sometimes scarry, and sometimes exciting and sometimes both. The catalyst for all this watching and listening is knowing what God’s desire is for his people.

I have been on long and winding road of a journey with the  “God of Israel” for 5+ years (although,I think God has been working on me for longer than this),and it has led me to some rather interesting discoveries of God and his people. The first discovery which could be the most important one is “who is this God of Israel?”(notice that I phrased the question from the outside of the jewish realm arena). This is because my understanding of this God is from not being a jew or knowing the jewish ways.

My peep view of this God thru the auspices of my scholarship thru pastors,schooling and beginning realities of translation from Luther, has to say the least -limited and as I have found out,scewed.

Let me be broad and general in this next statement. “Christians do not know who this God of Israel is.”

Let me tell you why I say this. We don’t know the God’s people, the Jews.(this is in the sense from the old testament period only). How can you understand a God of a people if you do not know the people? This has led me to the understanding of who God is and why He was the God to the Jews and Israelites. Another understanding that is key to this paradigm is the social and political atmosphere of the time. To know the climate of the period of people, their history and the outlook on the future is enormous to seeing who these people are.

As christians we have been oblivious to the knowing of the Jews and their God. Isn’t it about time we find out?


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