Long,long time ago in a far away place……….

That is how it always starts in those good ole stories that you would hear from a your grandparents or the neighborhood story teller. He would start with the scenario that it was to far back for you to remember the story or that they were trying to sound good with an authority of  assurance.

They would always catch you with opening  line of the story to get your attention. After all it was the beginning of the story, this is where the story grabs you. It was the premise of the story that everything else is built upon to set the story on track.

So as the premise in the bible as a story told to you from your parents. The beginning is the foundation of the story, it is the actually the end told at the beginning. It is key to understand this moment of the story to understand the rest of the story.

The scenerio of the God’s Creation is what it is supposed to be as God created it. God’s creation did not cooperate with his design, so this changed the beginning of the story, but the intention of God is still the same.

God’s fellowship with his creation,together as one identity.

So this too will be the end of the story, God will be faithful and complete his creation in the end of the story.

Our understanding of this is the key to seeing all the story in the middle with God’s work and faithfulness!!


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