What is the Bible?

A manual,history,rule book, a story, religious document, or just something to dismiss all together.

How do we ascertain what the bible is in our own experience? Is it the story that creates a lifestyle? Does history create a lifestyle? Does God have “a People” to call? How does a God interact with His people? Does the historical story be used as  an example to be duplicated? Is this Jewish God for anyone else? Is it for believers or non believers?

So many questions to answer about a book. Where do you start to find the answers?

My journey has led me to two revelations that cover this subject. One, blank slate, don’t start with any pre-conceived ideas of what it is. It is,what it is, you will see it as you go along reading it from beginning to end(this is the way to read the bible, no bits and pieces or a daily dose of it). Second, study it,(this means referencing all associated material available, this is a jewish story,so much understanding of who,what,when,where, and why about the jewish life is needed) this should be the only parameter that should be used  in seeing the story unraveling before you. But noticed that this is about a called group,people,community.

Try this method out, and tell me how it is going with your journey!


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