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Back to the First

I am reading alot of blogs that there is alot of talk about relooking at the 1st century and the message that was being foretold by God. Theology that Paul was telling in his letters have been relooked at to see a different message.

I wonder if our belief has just come from our taking what has been given us from family,church belief,or just going along with whatever you have told. It is time we look for ourselves and really dig deep into the scriptures,history,books for the mindset of the jews,gentiles,babylon, the jewish life and their God.

For to long we have been spoon fed the bible and its meaning because ‘that is the way it is done’,but we need to meet together with 2 or 3 together and study the scriptures in more of in-depth way. Start with the old testament to understand God’s people, to understand the real eternal purpose that God was portraying in his people.

Do you see the same message that paul is portraying in his letters as your church,family,or faith?


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Have we moved away from the real gospel?

Generation after generation. Country after country. Centuries after centuries.Translation after translation.

Where did we go wrong? See above!

All these things have led us away from the original thought of what the Gospel really was. Was this the intention of the Gospel,wasn’t it to be the same yesterday,today,and tommorrow? So where have we gone wrong? When did we go wrong? and Why?

Maybe we should look back at the last statement that we used in our fall back of the gospel. ‘It is the same ‘yesterday’,today, and tommorrow. We need to start with the foundation of the statement to make the restof statement to be true.

‘Yesterday’ seems to be sticking point to us in our understanding of what the message is all about. We have gone thru generations,countries,centuries,and translations to move us from the reality of the truth. All four of these topics have made a enormous contribution of swaying our understanding of the gospel to us. It is how we appoach the influence that will keep us true to the gospel.

This by itself could lead to a whole book if we were to cover everything that these four things have done to our understanding of the gospel. So we will just hit on a few of each of the topics to get just a taste of the persuasion that we have been touched with.

Generations. Families are the lifeblood of life. They are the carrier of our thoughts,ideas,and traditions that have begun and infused the family through the ages. Families are a curious breed.LOL I have been witnessed to what I think are the two such behaviors that are obvious in the generations scenerios. The first one is that our childred can without a blink of an eye, assume the rationale of continueing their parents living of their faith. There is that ‘there is no other rationale’ of living thought. We have that ‘my parents are right’ and I will follow. There is an animated movie called “the Cruds” is an attempt by a beginning of time family that were influenced by the father who considered the dark cave to be the one and only place where it will be safe to live. Only the time to go out and catch the family meal, will it be safe to go out and swiftly catch their prey.

This is the distinguishing mark that has been carried out in some of our generations that we must continue in our heritage ‘just because’.

The second behavior is a rebellous one. It is the rebellion of life as they know it. It is an act of individualism that sets them up for a journey of oneness that takes them on a rollercoaster ride that they will never forget. The journey is one of ‘I do not wish to be apart of this realm’ and I seek to know something better or different. It is in reality the story of the prodigal son that seeks out on his own life. This story as like life never works out the way we dream it to be.
Countries, those visible lines around a united people on the surface of the world. It could and will be influenced in a government style, and or with a influencial religious tone for the country. The irony of this paradigm of this scenerio is that once that situation is formed is that it is a permanent stance of the country, with a few exceptions. One being that of overthrown by enemies, or from revolt against the government.(oddly enough you don’t see a revolt over a religion) A country is usually created by the physical takeover of a country not by religion but by governmental ideas. So the people of these new countries are under the direction and authority of the king or president. So it is that we are encapsatualted into a paradigm that they cannot escape.

Centuries, Time is unique thing, it can be good or bad. It can be a burden or blessing. But it is obvious and quite open that things can change and change fast in a century. It could be just fad or a wave of new thinking of a people that changes over a century. A century is 100 years, that is a long time to continue the same principles,mindsets,and inspirations. Things have changed rather quickly with war in the old testament and even in the times of first and second century,although in the more recent times it has slowed down in the unraveling of things in society.

Translations,Oh let me count the ways! There are has been abundance supply of interpretations of historical,speech, and life of the Jewish life over the years. It is to be expected that as time as gone on that we come across new and revised letters and accounts of life long long ago. But it is also the freedom of intrepretation that has come with various versions of thought and meaning of the same texts. Our intrepretations have all come from the fact that the written texts were from the dialogue of men who were speaking for and by God to be understood from the meaning of the dialogue, not in the details of it but the concept or the paradigm. This to me is the paradigm of the bible. A story of God of creation, his people, and His Life.

Now to see what could change a story over generations,countries,centuries,and translations can be magnified thru each event,let alone all of them together. What we have come to understand in all of these events have come from the interpretations of the 16th century perspective which has many issues in how it was achieved in the first place.

Where the story should start is from the beggining of Christ’s birth and life. The 1st century is the climax of the paradigm that we should delve into to see the gospel. Our understanding of what Christ’s entrance into the world and His exit should be our goal. Could this be the new Creation?

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The model

It’s natural.

Why?      Why do we try to make things hard for ourselves, groups or even for the body of God?

We create, design, improve on programs, or just reuse the same things over and over again to try and say it worked before,why not agian?

This natural model is always overlooked as the only way that it was designed to work in every situation. But yet  we seem to think that it could be done in a very different and better way. We even move the agenda away from where it should be where it should start.

What am I talking about?

In Genesis 1-2, It started in particular place, a particular people, a particular two. Those two were designed for a purpose. They were designed to be a divine twosome. A Godly couple, a couple that was to go forth and multiply. (This model, had it gone right, we would not be talking about this subject now) This divine couple was to in a seamless act pass on this divine nature to the next generation and they were to  pass it on to the next generation again.

So, what happened? We,Adam and Eve, were introduced to Sin, and we became friends with it,accepted it. We,Adam’s generation’s broke this chain of link’s that was planned in the beggining to venture on their own reasoning. Their reasoning took them in alot of different ways, one that stood out was the one of ‘going’ to a ‘place’ where our God could meet us. It had to be special, Holy, and only one place. Ironically, we had to build it ourselves?

But, why did we not see the blueprint that was made for us in the place that we were just kicked out of? Did our knowledge of good and evil,stand in our way of seeing the ‘Temple’ that God had designed and yet we thought that we could duplicate it, in maybe a smaller scale,as a Synagogue or a church building?

Our attempt at reality(God’s realm) has been made in  human realm that doesn’t do justice to God’s reality! God’s reality is not our’s. His model is not ours. But yet we see it as the right one. We only see His reality thru our reality’s eyes, but if we would see the reality of God thru His eyes, it would be clear to us.

This model or the framework of His purpose could only be designed thru ‘the family’ and ‘thru Him’ to be eternal. The family model, is natural, it’s an effortless transition of God’s desire of fellowship from then to now and thru eternity! I believe that we see that it is thru Him, but it is still a ‘work’ that puts us behind the eight ball that gets us in trouble. We feel that urge to ‘help’ God out to achieve His Temple. The bible says the opposite of this.

What would the model look like if we were to start it now? The Family(Body) would ‘be’, in know time! Isn’t this what God was doing in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve?

The Body was just an infant, and yet it died.

The ‘New Creation’ is now alive with Christ and still in it’s childhood but will someday be the Bride, that He has always had His eyes on!

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Social environment. This term is chaotic at best. It has dramaticly changed over the last twenty five years with the invent of the internet. It has moved from the close knit interaction of family,friends and co-workers to the unseen people around the world.

What if anything  has changed in this scenario of one on one interaction of texting,facebook,instagram,tweeting and maybe using the phone too? What does this one on one interaction do to our social paradigm if anything? Is it good,bad,or indifferent? Is this different than how we were doing it before? Does it matter?

I believe that this is all a very large and complicated issue that can reach into alot of other issues of our time. I will take this topic into one of those issues as we go along. I think that the word social and the word community need to be defined before we get to deep into conversation.

The word “Social” derives from the Latin word socii (“allies”) .The term social refers to a characteristic of living organisms as applied to populations of humans and other animals. It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.Above reference is from Wikipedia

If we use this as our basis for going forward we will have a starting point. First, this concept from the start just expounds with the thought of ‘people’, not just two but of multiple people. It is a large scenario. It is an interaction of people that their ‘invisible’ beliefs,characteristics,life,and bond that set them as a unit. Now we know that there are an endless amount of ‘units’ in the world.  But it is these ‘units’ that are what are interwoven into the world. Some good,bad, and indifferent. It is these social units that make up our ‘civilization’ as we know it. We are all apart of one, maybe more.

But there is, in all of us just one overriding ‘unit’ that is our lifeblood. It is not recognized for most people in the realm of the ‘unit’, in what the bond is until  we dig deep into ourselves or into the ‘unit’ itself.

This ‘unit’ that we can’t see or feel is the one that controls us in everything we do or say or believe. It is the  ‘state’ of being ‘in’ the world or ‘of’ the world. It is this ‘status’ that we must ‘know’ to realize where we stand.

This is what the ‘community’ is. This is what God’s people are. If we understand what the ‘community’ is, we will understand our role. It is not what we do as the community as much as the ‘who we are’. Let us first realize who we are, a ‘community’ of God. The rest will take care of itself.

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