The model

It’s natural.

Why?      Why do we try to make things hard for ourselves, groups or even for the body of God?

We create, design, improve on programs, or just reuse the same things over and over again to try and say it worked before,why not agian?

This natural model is always overlooked as the only way that it was designed to work in every situation. But yet  we seem to think that it could be done in a very different and better way. We even move the agenda away from where it should be where it should start.

What am I talking about?

In Genesis 1-2, It started in particular place, a particular people, a particular two. Those two were designed for a purpose. They were designed to be a divine twosome. A Godly couple, a couple that was to go forth and multiply. (This model, had it gone right, we would not be talking about this subject now) This divine couple was to in a seamless act pass on this divine nature to the next generation and they were to  pass it on to the next generation again.

So, what happened? We,Adam and Eve, were introduced to Sin, and we became friends with it,accepted it. We,Adam’s generation’s broke this chain of link’s that was planned in the beggining to venture on their own reasoning. Their reasoning took them in alot of different ways, one that stood out was the one of ‘going’ to a ‘place’ where our God could meet us. It had to be special, Holy, and only one place. Ironically, we had to build it ourselves?

But, why did we not see the blueprint that was made for us in the place that we were just kicked out of? Did our knowledge of good and evil,stand in our way of seeing the ‘Temple’ that God had designed and yet we thought that we could duplicate it, in maybe a smaller scale,as a Synagogue or a church building?

Our attempt at reality(God’s realm) has been made in  human realm that doesn’t do justice to God’s reality! God’s reality is not our’s. His model is not ours. But yet we see it as the right one. We only see His reality thru our reality’s eyes, but if we would see the reality of God thru His eyes, it would be clear to us.

This model or the framework of His purpose could only be designed thru ‘the family’ and ‘thru Him’ to be eternal. The family model, is natural, it’s an effortless transition of God’s desire of fellowship from then to now and thru eternity! I believe that we see that it is thru Him, but it is still a ‘work’ that puts us behind the eight ball that gets us in trouble. We feel that urge to ‘help’ God out to achieve His Temple. The bible says the opposite of this.

What would the model look like if we were to start it now? The Family(Body) would ‘be’, in know time! Isn’t this what God was doing in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve?

The Body was just an infant, and yet it died.

The ‘New Creation’ is now alive with Christ and still in it’s childhood but will someday be the Bride, that He has always had His eyes on!


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