Back to the First

I am reading alot of blogs that there is alot of talk about relooking at the 1st century and the message that was being foretold by God. Theology that Paul was telling in his letters have been relooked at to see a different message.

I wonder if our belief has just come from our taking what has been given us from family,church belief,or just going along with whatever you have told. It is time we look for ourselves and really dig deep into the scriptures,history,books for the mindset of the jews,gentiles,babylon, the jewish life and their God.

For to long we have been spoon fed the bible and its meaning because ‘that is the way it is done’,but we need to meet together with 2 or 3 together and study the scriptures in more of in-depth way. Start with the old testament to understand God’s people, to understand the real eternal purpose that God was portraying in his people.

Do you see the same message that paul is portraying in his letters as your church,family,or faith?


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