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Ok, let’s just start from scratch.

As I have put my toes in alot of things over the years in the arena of Religion. It has shed alot of things that has amazed me, intrigued me, and even blew me away!

What is funny about all this is that the premise where we need to start from scratch from is the beginning of what we call time.(whatever we(you) consider time to have begun. Now to some of you this seems redundant to even speak about, but not everyone  has a concrete answer for it. So it is there that it has to be settled. You say why does it matter? But it does!

You see, it has everything to do with it.

Depending on who or what you give credit to your being or existence is how you will react to the premise from then on.

I believe that there are three primary camps of thought to this premise. A God of all, gods of many things, and no gods at all.

I believe the period that we are in,is the god of many things. Let me explain. This period of having many gods  has been instituted for a long, long time. It was iniately from the time of the Garden of Eden. Had adam picked the tree of life, there would not have been this carried out drama of wading thru the different gods. This is another discussion for a latter time. Our view of things need to focus on what is facing us all. The gods of many things.

Let’s see if we can work our way thru this. An example that we might use here is the one of the old testament that we see of the gentiles, or of the Rome kingdom. If you know anything of this time period  and of the society, you soon realize that the world was  in the hands of the romans, they craved total autonomy of the land. What society did on it was open to everyone’s god’s. So they did. There were greek gods,roman gods, gods with no names, gods of the deep,gods of the sky’s. What you saw fit to believe in was open to you, with no repercussions.

This was the beginning. The names have changed but the gods still are out there. There are some gods out there that we even don’t give credit to, but yet we still give worship to!  Yes, it is possible.

We have all give worsphip to alot of different gods over our lives and even for generations without even stopping and considering what we are doing. It is first that we must define what a god is. What he is supposed to be,do, or represent. Defining what a god is could and will change your life if you stop and ponder on it.

Can we start from there? If we use the template of the what the greeks or gentiles had as far as what they used as gods, you will notice that their ‘gods’ were ones that explained what they considered ‘life’ to be to them. If we could also look at what our understanding of what our ‘life’ depends on to us, you see a different picture of our being than you might think it does.

It is now, we must decide if that is what we really want or we change our gods, or just have a ‘God’, and to what that really means.


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Rinse, no repeat.

You have probably read this on a bottle of shampoo from the directions- ‘Pour shampoo onto your head, lather. Rinse and repeat.

Sounds easy enough to do, this is why we all do it. But what if we have misunderstood the directions? We will get back to this later.

As you have noticed with anything that a person does for the first time, there is always instructions that you should follow.(this does not included men tho!lol) This is the concept that we have come by to use in all our work.

God’s 10 commandment’s seem to have the same effect on us when we look at them, Rinse and repeat.

It is a step by step guide to God’s laws…….

But what if it was something else?

What if it was a description of a task? A task of God that was to exemplify Him. God’s work is after all, just God.

This concept of  ‘creation’ is also looked at building of a ‘temple’. Temple theology is then created. This concept is inspired in the beginning of time over and over again in God’s people and even all other societies, as they all created a ‘temple’ of their chosen way. So, just maybe this is the ‘concept’  of temple that was seen as physical reality that people saw, and copied.

But let us get the whole picture of this scenario that we have just created. We, religious and non-religious have created a ‘temple’, do we now go and create another ‘temple’, because that is what the instructions say? No.

We create, just as God did, it was to be enjoyed. As in God’s creation, it was made perfectly! It was designed as the ‘temple’,it was then that it needed an image(this is another blog) to represent the ‘God’ who created it. God of Israel is the creator of the temple of the world as we know it.

Temple is done.Finished.Created. The end.

Why then are we trying to rinse and repeat, every week?

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The Gap

As I have said to many of my friends and family that  are curious of the things that I am doing and studying, I am being broad in my studies of christianity,and the bible. One such way has been looking into judaism. My knowing of judaism has been very limited by just picking things up thru other studies. Recently,I starting looking at the differences between the two ideals.

I started out knowing that there was a divide in their reasoning between each other, But I think that there is more of a bigger divide that I once thought. And I believe that it comes on both sides of the divide.

For the Jews ,it seems that there is this concreteness of staying in the literalness of the torah. It seems that there is no moving on this issue.

For the christian,  It seems that the story begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus. This leaves out alot of things that need to be worked thru to understand the big picture.

I am still jumping in to all the jewish life and beliefs of the jews to understand the meaning. This study will also lay alot of background storyline of the christian beginnings. I feel that this is a major mistake on most christianity for not knowing this aspect of the christian beginnings.

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Who was Paul?

Paul a servant of God who was sought by God.

It has been apparent thru out christianity that Paul was given the dubious title of ‘Pastor’ without any thought of anything else.

I, in my rebellious state and studies, see Paul as more of a ‘Town crier’, Heralder, a MC(Master of Ceremony) or an interpreter.

You see, He was announcing the “Good News”! This after all was what a town crier, or a heralder does. God sought him out while walking to Damascus to ‘use him’ as his town crier(in this case it was a world crier). Paul’s voice and circumstance from where he had been, leads to him being listen to in his claim of ‘Good News’. But it was God thru Paul that was telling the back story of why, and how God was the New King!(see Acts) Paul’s understanding of what had happened with the rich history of the jews and their God,their failure to keep him as their God, looking to other gods to live that brought God to show them that thru Jesus, He was again their future as it was foretold by the prophets that he would be.

The added bonus of Paul’s interpretation of the story  of the jews, was that not only that he was God of Jews, but He was the God of the ‘Gentiles’ too.

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It was natural

I am amazed on how as christians we can make things hard and ironic in trying to see things in the bible that is there. Let me give you an example of this in the book of Exodus.

In the book of exodus there became an issue for the pharaoh of egypt, he noticed that the jews that were living in egypt were multiplying in great numbers  to the extent that pharaoh was worried that they might become an ally with someone and battle them.

Pharaoh’s first thought was to stop the rate that they were multiplying by killing them by the means that they were increasing by. Death of the newborns,strictly boy babies. Pharaoh instantly knew how to cancel out their multiplying of their society.

It was by natural means of the ‘people’ that you eventually will condense their dominance of people. But it is the ‘natural’ being of God’s people who was given. To be ‘his people’ is his desire.

We must see that it is within us that will duplicate ourselves again and again, the belief of God as King,by their servitude to their King that makes them who they are. It is the realization that they are the ‘identity’ of God as to their belief that God was/is the God of Power.

If God is your Lord, who are you serving?(remember, think in context of Paul’s explanation of the Gospel- God is King, not caesar!) and what does it really mean to do this?

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I have come to a conclusion……..

I have made a comment several times to family and friends that I have been relooking at the scriptures earnestly for the last 5 years, but I also have told them that it would still take another 50 years of earnestly study the scriptures to really understand the word.

My conclusion is……….We need to really study the scriptures longer and harder before we come to any conclusion or understanding

I believe that our understanding of the scriptures as we believe in that came from the reformation era needs to be expanded and relooked at. Our view and conceptual christian life is in a vacuum of the reformation standpoint, we will talk,listen ,and view all things  accordingly to this vacuum. It is not until we open our mind of other insights or reliving the life of the first century of the ‘Gospel’.

Our eyes have to look at the first century context of God at work in the arena of his people and his son Jesus. But also we have to relook at the beginning of the story in genesis, in what the story is all about to begin with. Until we ultimately ‘see’ his ‘eternal purpose’.

Clearing our cemented mindset of our framework of the ‘story’ needs to be dealt with first. This process is an monumental task in of itself. But it is doable. Freeing ourselves of a ‘set’ parameters can be very hard to do if you are in positions of hearing, and doing it again and again. So it must be in a sterile invironment to see of a different conclusion of anything. My journey of this cleansing is just one way that could be seen as achieving this mode. Please let me know if there is another cleansing of clear view that could be used.

Starting from anew it seems might be the only way.

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John 3:16

We all know what John 3:16 says. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son,that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

This part of scripture that is told to us thru John in the new testament. This proclamation  of truth is profound, but it is it the ultimate truth? We have attached ourselves to this announcement of John that we maybe have looked at it deeper to check it’s meaning.

For this profound truth to be real it has to be looked at as the measuring stick throughout the bible. Especially in Genesis. For this astounding premise of truth, it had to have been evident in the beginning of time in God’s purpose in his actions! How was man to know or see God’s truth in their life, this has to be evident in the circumstances and realities of Adam’s lineage. What was the perception of of ‘His people’ to know this truth in his day.

Let us use this measuring stick to go back thru the old testament and see how it stands up. Now, go thru the Matthew,Mark,Luke and John. Continue to look at the theme of these scriptures to have ‘this truth’ to be verified as the ultimate truth from God.

Does something else pop up when you re-read the OT, does God seem to be saying that ‘His Purpose’ was a ‘People’ of his own, or to ultimately see, that He seeks a bride to fellowship with,in His own Presence!

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Maybe the “foundation” does matter!

Let’s start with a conceptual note. We have for all intense and purposes understand the ‘historical’ aspect of the old testament. The stories of the great leaders of Israel, the miracles of these leaders, the leadership of these men, the faith of these people, and the ‘concept of they were the people of this God’, but what was the intent by God in all of these events and timelines throughout this ‘historical’ ages?

We have taken all these things as just stories of the annoited people of the time, and now we assume the same for us today. Is this all that it is? It has to be so much more than this!

Let me use as an example,albeit a shallow one, but maybe not if we think about it. If I as a parent have tried to show one of my children the way to follow me in my footsteps and they have failed, I then go about it in a different way to show them that in the way that they tried to live did not work was not to their avail, just maybe, in time they will see that my way was the best and only way to go!

Does this story resonate with you from another story that you might have heard before? The ‘Prodigal Son’! This ‘story’ is just a perfect example of how we as not an individual but as a ‘people’ have gone astray and gone on our own to prove our wisdom and knowledge and in the end have failed. WOW, does that bring things into the light. God’s desire was to have fellowship with us in the Garden of Eden as “His People” but with our free will we desired our wisdom and knowledge to keep us in that “Paradise”, but it didn’t, it took us out of the “Paradise” which was not with God, but was by ourselves, to do as we want and be.

Maybe the foundation that God laid out for us to “live” was designed for us as a “People” for that specific purpose. “God” knows it was best for us!!

It’s all about the “Story”!

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Is there change a coming?

If you have observed the things of the world lately, you will undoubtedly see the things are not staying the same.

Our understanding of the world’s events have got to be in our picture, and not just our little view out the window. Sometimes our view thru the window can be distorted and skewed to be a delightful scene, but it will not show the unique panaromic view of the whole picture.

Until we see the forrest the trees will not matter. The meaning is in the forrest. The trees succumb to being the forrest.

This is the reality of God. We are to be in God, so that we will be of God.

God is all in all.

When we see and know this we will all be of the body of Christ.

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