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I have come to a conclusion……..

I have made a comment several times to family and friends that I have been relooking at the scriptures earnestly for the last 5 years, but I also have told them that it would still take another 50 years of earnestly study the scriptures to really understand the word.

My conclusion is……….We need to really study the scriptures longer and harder before we come to any conclusion or understanding

I believe that our understanding of the scriptures as we believe in that came from the reformation era needs to be expanded and relooked at. Our view and conceptual christian life is in a vacuum of the reformation standpoint, we will talk,listen ,and view all things  accordingly to this vacuum. It is not until we open our mind of other insights or reliving the life of the first century of the ‘Gospel’.

Our eyes have to look at the first century context of God at work in the arena of his people and his son Jesus. But also we have to relook at the beginning of the story in genesis, in what the story is all about to begin with. Until we ultimately ‘see’ his ‘eternal purpose’.

Clearing our cemented mindset of our framework of the ‘story’ needs to be dealt with first. This process is an monumental task in of itself. But it is doable. Freeing ourselves of a ‘set’ parameters can be very hard to do if you are in positions of hearing, and doing it again and again. So it must be in a sterile invironment to see of a different conclusion of anything. My journey of this cleansing is just one way that could be seen as achieving this mode. Please let me know if there is another cleansing of clear view that could be used.

Starting from anew it seems might be the only way.


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