It was natural

I am amazed on how as christians we can make things hard and ironic in trying to see things in the bible that is there. Let me give you an example of this in the book of Exodus.

In the book of exodus there became an issue for the pharaoh of egypt, he noticed that the jews that were living in egypt were multiplying in great numbers  to the extent that pharaoh was worried that they might become an ally with someone and battle them.

Pharaoh’s first thought was to stop the rate that they were multiplying by killing them by the means that they were increasing by. Death of the newborns,strictly boy babies. Pharaoh instantly knew how to cancel out their multiplying of their society.

It was by natural means of the ‘people’ that you eventually will condense their dominance of people. But it is the ‘natural’ being of God’s people who was given. To be ‘his people’ is his desire.

We must see that it is within us that will duplicate ourselves again and again, the belief of God as King,by their servitude to their King that makes them who they are. It is the realization that they are the ‘identity’ of God as to their belief that God was/is the God of Power.

If God is your Lord, who are you serving?(remember, think in context of Paul’s explanation of the Gospel- God is King, not caesar!) and what does it really mean to do this?


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