Who was Paul?

Paul a servant of God who was sought by God.

It has been apparent thru out christianity that Paul was given the dubious title of ‘Pastor’ without any thought of anything else.

I, in my rebellious state and studies, see Paul as more of a ‘Town crier’, Heralder, a MC(Master of Ceremony) or an interpreter.

You see, He was announcing the “Good News”! This after all was what a town crier, or a heralder does. God sought him out while walking to Damascus to ‘use him’ as his town crier(in this case it was a world crier). Paul’s voice and circumstance from where he had been, leads to him being listen to in his claim of ‘Good News’. But it was God thru Paul that was telling the back story of why, and how God was the New King!(see Acts) Paul’s understanding of what had happened with the rich history of the jews and their God,their failure to keep him as their God, looking to other gods to live that brought God to show them that thru Jesus, He was again their future as it was foretold by the prophets that he would be.

The added bonus of Paul’s interpretation of the story  of the jews, was that not only that he was God of Jews, but He was the God of the ‘Gentiles’ too.


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