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The Gap

As I have said to many of my friends and family that  are curious of the things that I am doing and studying, I am being broad in my studies of christianity,and the bible. One such way has been looking into judaism. My knowing of judaism has been very limited by just picking things up thru other studies. Recently,I starting looking at the differences between the two ideals.

I started out knowing that there was a divide in their reasoning between each other, But I think that there is more of a bigger divide that I once thought. And I believe that it comes on both sides of the divide.

For the Jews ,it seems that there is this concreteness of staying in the literalness of the torah. It seems that there is no moving on this issue.

For the christian,  It seems that the story begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus. This leaves out alot of things that need to be worked thru to understand the big picture.

I am still jumping in to all the jewish life and beliefs of the jews to understand the meaning. This study will also lay alot of background storyline of the christian beginnings. I feel that this is a major mistake on most christianity for not knowing this aspect of the christian beginnings.


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