Rinse, no repeat.

You have probably read this on a bottle of shampoo from the directions- ‘Pour shampoo onto your head, lather. Rinse and repeat.

Sounds easy enough to do, this is why we all do it. But what if we have misunderstood the directions? We will get back to this later.

As you have noticed with anything that a person does for the first time, there is always instructions that you should follow.(this does not included men tho!lol) This is the concept that we have come by to use in all our work.

God’s 10 commandment’s seem to have the same effect on us when we look at them, Rinse and repeat.

It is a step by step guide to God’s laws…….

But what if it was something else?

What if it was a description of a task? A task of God that was to exemplify Him. God’s work is after all, just God.

This concept of  ‘creation’ is also looked at building of a ‘temple’. Temple theology is then created. This concept is inspired in the beginning of time over and over again in God’s people and even all other societies, as they all created a ‘temple’ of their chosen way. So, just maybe this is the ‘concept’  of temple that was seen as physical reality that people saw, and copied.

But let us get the whole picture of this scenario that we have just created. We, religious and non-religious have created a ‘temple’, do we now go and create another ‘temple’, because that is what the instructions say? No.

We create, just as God did, it was to be enjoyed. As in God’s creation, it was made perfectly! It was designed as the ‘temple’,it was then that it needed an image(this is another blog) to represent the ‘God’ who created it. God of Israel is the creator of the temple of the world as we know it.

Temple is done.Finished.Created. The end.

Why then are we trying to rinse and repeat, every week?


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