Ok, let’s just start from scratch.

As I have put my toes in alot of things over the years in the arena of Religion. It has shed alot of things that has amazed me, intrigued me, and even blew me away!

What is funny about all this is that the premise where we need to start from scratch from is the beginning of what we call time.(whatever we(you) consider time to have begun. Now to some of you this seems redundant to even speak about, but not everyone  has a concrete answer for it. So it is there that it has to be settled. You say why does it matter? But it does!

You see, it has everything to do with it.

Depending on who or what you give credit to your being or existence is how you will react to the premise from then on.

I believe that there are three primary camps of thought to this premise. A God of all, gods of many things, and no gods at all.

I believe the period that we are in,is the god of many things. Let me explain. This period of having many gods  has been instituted for a long, long time. It was iniately from the time of the Garden of Eden. Had adam picked the tree of life, there would not have been this carried out drama of wading thru the different gods. This is another discussion for a latter time. Our view of things need to focus on what is facing us all. The gods of many things.

Let’s see if we can work our way thru this. An example that we might use here is the one of the old testament that we see of the gentiles, or of the Rome kingdom. If you know anything of this time period  and of the society, you soon realize that the world was  in the hands of the romans, they craved total autonomy of the land. What society did on it was open to everyone’s god’s. So they did. There were greek gods,roman gods, gods with no names, gods of the deep,gods of the sky’s. What you saw fit to believe in was open to you, with no repercussions.

This was the beginning. The names have changed but the gods still are out there. There are some gods out there that we even don’t give credit to, but yet we still give worship to!  Yes, it is possible.

We have all give worsphip to alot of different gods over our lives and even for generations without even stopping and considering what we are doing. It is first that we must define what a god is. What he is supposed to be,do, or represent. Defining what a god is could and will change your life if you stop and ponder on it.

Can we start from there? If we use the template of the what the greeks or gentiles had as far as what they used as gods, you will notice that their ‘gods’ were ones that explained what they considered ‘life’ to be to them. If we could also look at what our understanding of what our ‘life’ depends on to us, you see a different picture of our being than you might think it does.

It is now, we must decide if that is what we really want or we change our gods, or just have a ‘God’, and to what that really means.


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