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The Whole Creation

With our understanding of the saving grace of God for us, what we need to realize that ‘all’ creation will be saved by God,not just the human creations. God’s creation of the universe, earth, the land,the animals, and the people will ‘all be saved’, so why is the focus on the just the people?

If we are to be ‘saved’, should we not just act like we are saved and to Love our neighbor, ourselves and the Lord, so as to bring about the saving grace to all of ‘God’s creations’?!

This should re-evaluate what our, I mean, what we think our intention is in being God’s creation as His sole need for His Eternal Purpose. God needs his Kingdom,People, and his Land. Garden of Eden -the sequel.


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Simple enough.

The ‘Gospel’= to get back to the Garden.

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What’s next?


So you’re a new parent, a proud family with a new example of you and your spouse. You raise them from baby’s to toddler,to a young person to  an adult. You have done your job in creating your ‘mini me’.

And then your ‘mini me’ fail’s at being your ‘mini me’. Now what?

What is the thought process of God when it happens to him.? Hummmmmm.

Our best understanding  of what God would do, or does do is to look at what he does after the event.It seems that God doesn’t waste any time in correcting or reinstating his creation,child,or his people. God leaves Adam and Eve to themselves to venture into their domain of ‘worldly’ ways, He leaves them to themselves,but he is still there, you see,after all, he did create the whole thing! Adam and eve would soon have children of their own, Cain and Able. It is God now that is sitting and watching to see how these parents do in their parenting skills. It seems that this is the model to watch!

Cain,being the first for Adam is one to study and see how his intentions and desires are for the world. How would he react to life, and all its goodness and to all its reality. The goodness that cain is living in, is not the same kind of goodness that his parents lived in, it was different. I am sure that his parents told him that they were living in paradise and could eat and walk anywhere  to enjoy their goodness in their God’s garden. Cain’s goodness was that he was still enjoying God’s creation, but with some stiff penalties, he had to work for them!! Big difference. Cain the ‘worker of the ground’, the punishment that God gave to his father! It would  now have weeds to deal with in his garden. It would not be easy, as his parents had it.

We will not go into the  condemnation of God’s people and their punishment, but we will  just show the appropriate solution that God had for children.

Adam and Eve gave birth to their second son named ‘Able’ (ironic isn’t it). He was different in his attitude,his life style, has peacefulness, and his desire to do what was meant for his life. Now, this is key to see what God is doing with Able

Able is put in the ‘same scene’ as his father and mother was in the garden! He is the “keeper of the sheep(animals). That is all he does.

Now, this scene has not changed since this scene was created. Brothers will be brothers, there are issues and there is that ‘who do the parents like the best of the children?!(lol) In Cain case it was really starting to eat at him,alot. It came to a boil  when it was time for the first fruits.(Notice that there was still a need to acknowledge God, and to give him a sacrifice of the best.)

It was at this time that Cain saw the writing on the wall, that it was not going his way. Able gave of what his life was all about, which was what God had originally gave his parents to do. To be caretakers of his creation.(that’s all). It was when Cain gave ‘his'(worldly) best of what he did as the tiller of the ground(work) as God had punished adam to do. This after all, was ‘his best effort'(so),this does not measure up with what God is,or has done. Cain,seething at the thought that his best was not good enough, had to destroy ‘the best’ so he would be the best of the sacrificial givers.

Then came Murder.

But the God of creation is not done.   God’s story of showing Adam and Eve and the example’s of the right thing and the wrong thing is the retelling of the garden with his parents, probably in more of a in your face king of thing to see.

God’s kingdom will always prevail, no matter what. Along comes Seth, who will follow his brother in knowing that his responsibility is the keeping of the animals. This is the dynamic of the story that is portrayed in the first few chapters of genesis of his creation. God’s creations will be as He intended as the “Caretakers of His Creation”.

There is that seed that has been planted over and over again in His creation that knows that they are the Creations Caretakers.

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Is your gospel incomplete?


If the story of the bible that the gospel  portrays does not include the “Revelation” by John, then it is incomplete.

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I have been tbookso college for a year in my younger years, it was different, it was information overload!

It was different teachers all giving the students all the information that they knew about their individual subjects,all within a semester. It was like someone left the faucet on in the kitchen and you were supposed to drink it all in, and then use it wisely. In this case of college it was about seven faucets  on at the same time! You talk about overload!! That’s alot of water to consume!!

I am in another circumstance now that is similar but different, if you know what I mean? LOL

I have been in very earnest,deep and thorough study of the bible for the last seven years and it could be considered a massive overload of information to soak in. This experience has been a very exciting, thought provoking,aha moments,questionable comments, and just over all the journey that I feel that God has wanted me to be on all my life. I wouldn’t change a thing that I have done.

It is now that I am putting these things into perspective and into  God’s story in the bible that I am just in awe of the magnitude of God’s design of the story and his putting the right pieces together, and the right pieces in first to have us see the outline of what the ending picture(puzzle) will be.

This puzzle that God is designing, is no ordinary puzzle, no way, it’s not even 3D, no,its like 10D!!!

God’s designing is not something you could go to school for, it’s one of a kind. You see, His way is His way. It is like a tapestry of the Universe for the earth. It is huge in design, but still with one purpose.

His Temple,His People,His World.

It is not until we throw away the 1D puzzle away that we have been working on for the last five hundred years, and look at putting together that 10D puzzle together that will just blow you away at the complexity, the hugeness,the simple, but provoking puzzle that you have ever put your eyes on, let alone understand God’s desire for us.

I challenge you, to look closer into the scriptures, and look at the puzzle not from the top of the puzzle, but from the side, with all its dimensions that God has designed for us to see. The ups and downs of the valleys, the mountains, from failure to insight, to God’s leaders,to God’s heartaches. In the end God’s design is finished and is awesome made in His Image.

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God’s oral word.

I bet you have never heard that statement before,have you?

You see the “Word” was and is an orally presented message, that just happens to be written down for us to see now. It is because of mankind’s need to see things written down to have them to read as an individual’s opportunity to have in one’s own possession that it has changed in the last 500 years. It was the advancement of the printing press that has given us the masses this chance to all see,read and interrupt the words of all things orally read aloud for the crowds. It was only before this time that the  records of all orally decreed messages of men were only kept as an archive for print.

This concept thus becomes important to our understanding of the “word” of God. God’s desire for us to ‘hear’ the word was more important to him, than to read it  on black and white paper. This is what Jesus was telling the Pharisee’s and Sadducees that tho they ‘read the word’ over and over again, they still did not hear the message. It was not in the written word but in the message within the words. There is a difference!

God’s Spirit is within the “oral word”, His spirit talks to us in a more distinct way than just the words of the bible.

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