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I have been tbookso college for a year in my younger years, it was different, it was information overload!

It was different teachers all giving the students all the information that they knew about their individual subjects,all within a semester. It was like someone left the faucet on in the kitchen and you were supposed to drink it all in, and then use it wisely. In this case of college it was about seven faucets  on at the same time! You talk about overload!! That’s alot of water to consume!!

I am in another circumstance now that is similar but different, if you know what I mean? LOL

I have been in very earnest,deep and thorough study of the bible for the last seven years and it could be considered a massive overload of information to soak in. This experience has been a very exciting, thought provoking,aha moments,questionable comments, and just over all the journey that I feel that God has wanted me to be on all my life. I wouldn’t change a thing that I have done.

It is now that I am putting these things into perspective and into  God’s story in the bible that I am just in awe of the magnitude of God’s design of the story and his putting the right pieces together, and the right pieces in first to have us see the outline of what the ending picture(puzzle) will be.

This puzzle that God is designing, is no ordinary puzzle, no way, it’s not even 3D, no,its like 10D!!!

God’s designing is not something you could go to school for, it’s one of a kind. You see, His way is His way. It is like a tapestry of the Universe for the earth. It is huge in design, but still with one purpose.

His Temple,His People,His World.

It is not until we throw away the 1D puzzle away that we have been working on for the last five hundred years, and look at putting together that 10D puzzle together that will just blow you away at the complexity, the hugeness,the simple, but provoking puzzle that you have ever put your eyes on, let alone understand God’s desire for us.

I challenge you, to look closer into the scriptures, and look at the puzzle not from the top of the puzzle, but from the side, with all its dimensions that God has designed for us to see. The ups and downs of the valleys, the mountains, from failure to insight, to God’s leaders,to God’s heartaches. In the end God’s design is finished and is awesome made in His Image.


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