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There’s grass in my weeds!

Do you have that problem at your house?

Nothing is growing where it is supposed to!

Have you noticed that the place where we live is out of sorts. It is not functioning quite right, It is not in order!

The weeds are growing where I want  the grass to grow, I have weeds where I have a garden, my food that I need to live is surrounded by weeds! How dare them!

There is another thing that is out of whack that you might not even know about or even thought to consider. Why can’t the animals just get along together? What does the lion have against the zebra, why can’t the bear leave the salmon alone,why does the sharks just destroy their prey?

The animal kingdom is just all messed up.

and another thing, have you noticed all the catasrophes around the world? Earthquakes,floods,tornados,deserts, and fire.

The world is just out of whack.

Oh, Wait. It is supposed to be out of whack.

You see God ordained it to be with the whole world that it would be out of whack. It would not have any rhyme or reason to all work together as a complete whole unit. This includes the  main cog in all the meshing of all the previous things mentioned, MAN.

Man is just the catalyst that is the  ingredient that God sees as His Image in His Temple,in His Garden.

God is putting it back together as His people, His Church, and His New Jerusalem!


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Heaven is temporal, It is the ‘New Heaven’ that is  eternal.

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Heaven and Hell

Where and what have you learned on the meaning of Heaven and Hell?

Have you always just assumed that everything you  heard from  a pulpit,a story or just an explaination given to you from someone that you took it for granted?

Just as anything that you have for your faith, your desire is to see it thru to believe in what you say. Otherwise, it is just an fruitless faith in a belief.

God’s desire for us, is to know him, His design, His purpose, and himself. We cannot do this by a weekly 20 min soundbite that explains God and his purpose, if anything it gets very distorted. Our tradition has been that  we have plucked our understanding of Heaven and Hell from a few verses and run with it as if it was gold. It goes deeper than this, and with a better understanding of both things.

Our belief is based on a truth that is hidden in God’s word(not just the written word, put of the spiritual understanding of it.) This “God’s story” is set in a certain time, certain place, with certain people, that was meant for it to be all weavon together to show God’s desire for “a people” that was to be his of His Image.

The story is of a history, it tells us the way back when story, the future woven into the past, the now, the future as it was told in the past. But it is a story that is unique is that we are in the middle of it, and we need to see that we are to be those “people’ that God was wanting way back then,but it is to our destiny that we ‘be’ God’s people in acts of his life.

This understanding will be forthcoming of the what is told in Revelation 21 and 22.

A New Heaven and a New Earth. Think about this, this is what is in Revelation 22. Does your belief in Heaven and Hell withstand this paradigm?

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In the beginning

This is where is all starts.

The plan.


Genesis 1:26-28.

This is the plan.

The plan for eternity,forever and ever.

No matter what, this is going to happen, so help me, God.

I am who I am.

My creation, my plan.

My people, my work, my design.

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What is it?

Where is it?

Why is it?

Who made it?

When is it for?

Answer these questions, but do not rely on the things that a pastor,laymen, or parents have told you they were, but rely on yourself to search the scriptures for the answers. Do not just look at a verse as an answer, but let the answer be defined in the context that it is being used in, if it leads to a previous use in another context from someone else compare the two examples. Let the context and the allegory uses that they show you on the definition and use of the word  “Heaven”.

Now, compare the understanding of the word “Heaven”  that you already thought you knew, and the new definition of the word that you will see in its use now.

Hearing the use of a ‘definition’ or a concept in the bible over and over from someone, is not always to say that they are right in their knowledge in their use of the  concept. It is thru our studying the scriptures, with the foundation of the time period, the society at the time, the perceived reality of God,(gods) that should all come together to understand the concept of anything that we read in the bible.

It has been an injustice for us as christians to use the scriptures, and used it as a continuing concept in our time and place.

It was being used for the people of the time, separate people with different ideals, but with the touching of us thru history and God’s Eternal Purpose that it is meant for us now!

If we could only see it!

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Heaven,New Jerusalem?

What’s the end of the story?

the answer is in Revelation 21.

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