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‘Soundbites’ in the Bible

Everybody knows about the media’s sensationalism of using soundbites to just give a taste of an event that is supposed to  tell the overall idea of the story. It is a concise but truthful account of the actual events being reported.

But we all know that this ‘soundbite’ is sometimes misleading in what the full and complete story is. This in a ‘nutshell’ reporting of an event or story should not be what we should be using as our ‘source’ of truthful knowledge of anything.

This use of minimization of a story is a superficial  at best.

We need to see the whole story for what it is worth in any circumstance.

God’s story,the bible, is no exception.

The  story, is the ‘story’!

The bible, from beginning to end, is a complete and full edition of the story, no soundbites.

As with any story, there is the setup of story, the beginning, the story line,the middle, and the conclusion, the end.

God’s story is no different.  It is the back story, full of information,full of insight, then comes the middle story the working thru the back story to solve the issues of it. The conclusion of the story is the putting things back to the original status of the story.

God’s story is complete, therefore we need to see and know the full story of His kingdom.


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The setup,the result.

This is Genesis 1,2.

Then Revelation 21,22.

God’s plan in action begins with Genesis,chapter 1 and 2. He details it like a New York City decorator with no expenses spared.

planet-earth-1401465793UfsThis……..He has a setting;Earth,in a universe with amazing worlds and galaxies. Their was a epicenter of it all,earth with all details made specific and unique. Created with water,land,sea’s,mountains,valley’s. Color’s of such briallance that it makes you just stand in awe. Green grasses,purple mountains,blue oceans,yellow sun, and brown dirt. He made animals that are too many to count.(Adam did) He made things in the air,water,and on land. He made two caretakers of the garden, chaperoning them all, for they were all free.  There was not a want for anything or anyone. and God was with you.

Then……..Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. God makes it even more wonderful. God details his desire for His people to be just like him. His oneness with his bride,his people,and church. We are one. His world, is now just Him, for ‘He’ is what the ‘whole universe’ was all about. It was Him. and only Him.

This as we know, the only 4 chapters in the whole bible, that is free from ‘death’ that is described in the middle of the bible.

It is the beginning and the end is what we need to see the desire and the accomplishment of God’s plan, ‘for it was known,even before time’. We can see the beginning of time just by seeing God’s creation in front of us, but it is the final act of God’s desire that we need to see in Revelation.

God has redeemed our bodies from before and made them perfect for we are one with him. We are His,and He with us.Our World is Him, He is with us.

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Old Testament

bibleWhat is the story of the old testament?

To make it maybe a little easier  to see, The old testament  was originally considered to be called the “Old Covenant”.

So, Tell me what your take is on this part of the bible, and tell me why you think it is or isn’t important to the whole scripture message.

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planet-earth-1401465793UfsGenesis 1.26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our own image,after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

“Imatation is the Greatest form of flattery”!!

Do you see what God has done?

His image was duplicated and put on earth to be set as an example of Himself, of who he was, what he was, and why he was. We are his spitting image of himself to be seen as the creator,the designer, the caretaker,and the representation of all mankind.

We are the model. the representative, The Adam, of God.

We are to just BE  the image. that’s it. period.

Do you understand? This was God’s design. Nothing else is to be done,nothing to be said, nothing,nothing for us to do.

God has taken it upon himself to set things right.

Let me take this for ride that you might not see, in the scriptures, God’s desire is not only to rid the cause of the fall(sin) but also of the punishment that was given out to mankind. (This is very relevent, and most of the time not addressed in discussions of the resurrection of Jesus) something to think about. God’s desire was to  kill two birds with one stone, to use the old adage. God would send his son to represent the  sinless of man, to die for its repercussion of the act, but to the unsuspecting world he not only goes thru death but he comes out the other side to conquer it thru the resurrection of Jesus.

Now, with the crime(sin) and the punishment(death) being taken care of, it is now in short, a new creation(LIFE) without the baggage as before. It is now the true ‘image’ of God on his ‘land’ and his ‘kingdom’.

“It is Finished” John 19:30

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The Eternal Purpose.

In the Beginning………

Gen 1,2.

It is Finished!


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3D old testament

20150620_162651I have used this analogy before to  show the subtlety of the old testament’s message, but I will use it again.

Have you seen the picture’s that if you look at them right at first you cannot see anything of value in the picture, this is the way we look at the  old testament now, it is only for face value. The stories of the old testament are interesting and morally relevent but there is more to them than  that at the first glance.

As with the picture on the wall that you cannot see anything without looking deep into the whole picture that you see a story that God has woven for us to see with an amazing message.

What is truly amazing with the old testament is that once you see the whole story that is being shown to us, you will now just be able to see it instead of the ‘face value’ aspect of the old testament. You will even start to see the  pieces  all fit together of all the things you have read or going to read in the OT.

Story lines in the newspapers are a ‘standard’ in the industry. So it is, in the bible. The old testament is the foundation of God’s message to us, until we ‘SEE” it, the ‘new’ will not make sense to us.

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