The setup,the result.

This is Genesis 1,2.

Then Revelation 21,22.

God’s plan in action begins with Genesis,chapter 1 and 2. He details it like a New York City decorator with no expenses spared.

planet-earth-1401465793UfsThis……..He has a setting;Earth,in a universe with amazing worlds and galaxies. Their was a epicenter of it all,earth with all details made specific and unique. Created with water,land,sea’s,mountains,valley’s. Color’s of such briallance that it makes you just stand in awe. Green grasses,purple mountains,blue oceans,yellow sun, and brown dirt. He made animals that are too many to count.(Adam did) He made things in the air,water,and on land. He made two caretakers of the garden, chaperoning them all, for they were all free.  There was not a want for anything or anyone. and God was with you.

Then……..Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. God makes it even more wonderful. God details his desire for His people to be just like him. His oneness with his bride,his people,and church. We are one. His world, is now just Him, for ‘He’ is what the ‘whole universe’ was all about. It was Him. and only Him.

This as we know, the only 4 chapters in the whole bible, that is free from ‘death’ that is described in the middle of the bible.

It is the beginning and the end is what we need to see the desire and the accomplishment of God’s plan, ‘for it was known,even before time’. We can see the beginning of time just by seeing God’s creation in front of us, but it is the final act of God’s desire that we need to see in Revelation.

God has redeemed our bodies from before and made them perfect for we are one with him. We are His,and He with us.Our World is Him, He is with us.


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