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‘Soundbites’ in the Bible

Everybody knows about the media’s sensationalism of using soundbites to just give a taste of an event that is supposed to  tell the overall idea of the story. It is a concise but truthful account of the actual events being reported.

But we all know that this ‘soundbite’ is sometimes misleading in what the full and complete story is. This in a ‘nutshell’ reporting of an event or story should not be what we should be using as our ‘source’ of truthful knowledge of anything.

This use of minimization of a story is a superficial  at best.

We need to see the whole story for what it is worth in any circumstance.

God’s story,the bible, is no exception.

The  story, is the ‘story’!

The bible, from beginning to end, is a complete and full edition of the story, no soundbites.

As with any story, there is the setup of story, the beginning, the story line,the middle, and the conclusion, the end.

God’s story is no different.  It is the back story, full of information,full of insight, then comes the middle story the working thru the back story to solve the issues of it. The conclusion of the story is the putting things back to the original status of the story.

God’s story is complete, therefore we need to see and know the full story of His kingdom.


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