Where’s the desire?

I find it very sad that our stand of ones beliefs can prevent us from learning about God.

It is confusing to me why at just the title of a book, a subject matter, a friends question of faith in Christianity, a bible study groups outside the box question can be just neglected, or ignored all together to not talk it thru to see where it might go, and in the moment you see something that you would not of ever noticed or thought about before.

I don’t believe that I am the only one out there that is challenged by something ‘new’, ‘different’, or even totally disagree with from the get go, I will be challenged in a good way to see where the conversation will go in discussing and hashing it out with someone, with all the scriptures that pertain to the subject.

This has been my motive for my inquiring knowledge of the biblical scriptures the last 10 yrs in my studies and with the sharing of my understanding of the word. I follow a lot of people that I now disagree with in the field of religion and Christianity thru social media sites, to continue to see how it effects the ‘outsiders’ of the norm that have effected the mainstream of things. The main thing to remember is to listen to what is being said or written, and study ,evaluate, and discern the new information to see if it is viable in God’s purpose.

I have over time altered my beliefs in small ways in my continuous studies of the bible, only because I have had things come to life in my reading the bible, or studying the context, background or the piece of the ‘Big picture’, does it keep the story going to the end of the story?

My biggest issue of concern from the christian perspective is the failure to ‘see’ the story from the Israelites view. It appears that christianity has seen the view only from the christian/gentile side. The story of the bible is a story from a God, to his people, about their kingdom, about their land. We have to get this part right or understand it, to go on. The part about the gentiles will get its act together when the Israelites do.

It is this that we need to ‘see’ and understand that this is what it says in Isaiah 49.6.

For many Christians it seems to be a ‘no-no’ to even think about to use ‘outside’ material in our journey of scripture knowledge, but to many’s surprise it is to their diligent years of studying the old testament,new testament for years, with commentary and facts of the dead sea scrolls(which are being just now in the last ten years being used as guidance in new thoughts that are concrete in their foundational belief).There are many other outside sources that have come into normal use of biblical studies such as the apocrypha, the Pseudepigrapha, the Essenes  . Understanding the outside cultural of the first century as well the inside cultural understandings and beliefs are very crucial in seeing the wisdom of the purpose of God and his people.

Our traditions and our ‘personal’ belief will only get us so far, we must dig down deep in to God and his purpose of ‘His Creation’.

Keep Digging, its going to get DEEP!



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