I am exasperated by someone that you are having a conversation with or discussion on a topic of anything and they know nothing of what the opposite side of the conversation is all about.

This sorta reminds me of the current situation that we have with the media! It is one of just spitting back their same old rhetoric of their agenda and not knowing of what the other side of the conversation is all about. This is the definition of ‘ignorant’ in the grandest way. This shows that it is not about understanding the topic but the point of just ‘seeing’ their side because it is the only side there is. It is our duty to know and prove what the journey of the topic is all about and be civil and rational on why there is ‘this’ conversation.

Our ‘skepticism’,’fear’, or ‘ignorance’ of the ‘other side’ is attempt of disdain towards the whole topic. I see this in alot of things in our human world,which is bad enough, but I really am taken back at the skittishness of the topic of theology, when it is what the scriptures are supposed to be all about. Why did God create this World?

I would challenge everyone to be open in their discussions with anyone, about anything in their life and the world. Now this could be hard in various topics but this then opens our minds to what the topic and the solution could surprise you in the discussion in the end.

My journey of biblical studies have led me thru not of my personal beliefs but of many other beliefs that I have not necessarily accepted but I have kept it in consideration  of the whole story of the bible, if it fits in the beginning,middle and the end of the story. It will play out like  a jigsaw puzzle  that when you are missing key parts  of the puzzle that these pieces will not fit the ends and the outs of the piece that needs to go in the hole. I take it serious in the ‘seeing’ what God has placed before us in the story of God.

God’s magical interwoven storylines of the scriptures is very special,very intriguing, deep,very deep understanding’s, of his desire of his eternal purpose.. This theme is shown in genesis and all the way thru revelation. I pray that your desire in knowing what this paradigm is, is not the standard tradition theory that you have become used to.

Our story begins in Genesis(beginning),we should start there.  Ask why,when,where,what and how to get started.  What is God wanting to create?

Does He do it? does he do it in the end?


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